Hi everyone, I am a forty years male. Healthy and energetic. one year ago i was sudden feel too much weak in a hot afternoon. It went 7 days and revealed that time. i did many test time but nothing found. only esr level was little elevated. After four months sudden i feel nausea, gas, little cough, abdominal cramp pain and weakness. i did many test with endoscopy, but nothing found except a red spot in the stomach. and esr little elevated. This time i again revealed after 18/20 days. i was fully ok, doctor gave gastroenteritis medicine. after 4 months a hot climate, sudden i feel again little bloating, i thought it is for gastric, i took med, i feel better that time after 2 days i start constipation, mucus passed , heavy gas, nausea, cramp pain in the abdomen, bowl change, narrow bowl etc. last 1.5 months i suffered for all of these. doctor said it is IBS. but i am fear for rectal huge problem. my blood test was very nice, little MPV elevate only, stool cultured, nothing there, urine culture nothing there, vdrl negative.

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  • How about a colonoscopy to see what's going on in your lower bowel. An elevated sed rate probably does mean an inflammatory process, but may be something else. Nesie237

  • I know that when MPV going up. It can be an inflammation process. I try ti say my doctor but doctor ignore it. Now a days fatigue. Specially my head like weight on my neck. I go for poo 1 or 2 times a day, some times i feel bloting and full of appetite half of the day. My poo is half consistent and half soff. I just confused now.

  • I didn't know about the MPV, just the sed rate. Your symptoms are varied, I wouldn't know what to say about most. But the bowel info suggests you might need a colonoscopy, a lower scope. Maybe you can talk that over with your doctor?

  • I meant to try magnesium citrate for constipation. Nesie237

  • When my esr level was high, that time i have no bowl changed. Now my esr level is in control. Not out of the marks. But i have gas, nausea, fullness, fatigue. Doctor indicate it is IBS. I take some Homeo med. Now my maximum disability gone. But my mind is so confused about it. I am.also worried for the yellow discharge from my penis also. What is your suggestions please.

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