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Another day, another hospital appointment!

I have just come back from the freeman hospital in Newcastle from a new referral. I have been through many specialists from gastroenterology to gynaecology. My case has been going on for 11 years as I said in my previous blog. I will just go over my symptoms, I mave chronic pain in my abdomen, nausea and vomiting for the two weeks on the lead up to my period. So I am mainly bed ridden for 2 out of 4 weeks. I have never had bloating, constipation or diorhea or most of the regular symptoms.

So this time the doctor went through my file, listing what I have had and been through, to be honest I have had so many tests I couldn't remember half of it! But here's a few bits I have had

- lactose intolerance test - negative

- gel stomach scans - nothing found

- millions of blood tests - elevated white blood cell count so they did another one today!

I am going to have a colonoscopy (which I have never had!) blood and stool samples, he thinks nothing will show but its just so everything is covered. I have been tested with so many drugs, peppermint, anti spasmodics and many types of pain control. Nothing has worked except tramadol.

I asked about diets but he pretty much shrugged this off as i had been tested for lactose intolorance ( pretty sure there more that could trigger my stomach) I was told that basically there is no more that can be done as everything has been exhausted ( I agree actually) so I have been referred to the chronic pain management team to work out a way of managing the pain, so we will see what happens next........

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I have now fully read the book "Irritable Bowel Solutions" written by a Professor John Hunter and others to on this site would recommend it. I know it may appear to be clutching at straws, as it were, but may i suggest that you read it as it may just help you. You indeed have my sympathy when it comes to constantly going to hospital as i also have been there and i know that it can be a drain but in the end you will get better, just be positive. I send you my sincere and very best wishes.


Thank you so much for you kind words, I know it has to be my diet so I will look into that book and take matters in my own hands x


I know chronic pain is a PAIN! I'm making the rounds too.. Praying for an answer soon. Meanwhile we can share our travails here and maybe learn something!


Have you been checked for endometriosis???? I am a long term sufferer of IBS but in my mid 20s after a horrendous time of just like you vomiting, ibs symptoms and horrendous week or so bef period, I had a laparoscopy and they found endometriosis stuck all over my bowel. after treatment my symptoms improved.Also went on the pill for a while as inhibits regrowth.

I still suffer terribly with ibs especially in the last couple of years it seems to affect me in cycles. I have a coil to prevent any bleeds and i take buscopan to relieve bowel cramps.I also follow a more restricted diet no wheat/gluten or lactose which is now 5 weeks in starting to help my symptoms.

The colonoscopy is a good idea as will rule out that anything else is going on and hopefully this will ease any anxiety that you feel and have a positive impact on your geberal well being. I had one last Oct it really wasnt that bad, the 2 days prep living on the loo more than usual is the worst bit tbh, the procedure was fine, they give you a sedative to relax you.

I hope all goes well and that you find somthing that helps you soon.


I had the concolscopy twice and showed up nothing apparently the dr who I saw was confused as she did results and all saying I don't have ibs at first but the symptoms I've been getting is ibs related.....

Stabbing pains on left side below the rib rage (comes and goes)

Feeling sick

Constant faguies and foggy brain

Sereve lower back pains


Odd stools

Mucus (at times I do get pale green) can anyone relate to this ???.

Can nevertheless put on weight.....(underweight)

She check it all out all was good including MRI on small bowel I think it was and that's all fine.... least I had it fully checked out, at the moment back pains is the most sereve issue it worsen when I'm due on my cycles......

I'm at lose ends.... at the moment I'm managing my ibs through basic diet no spice eliminated certain foods which had helped.....(but the consant faguies just creeps out of nowhere)

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated and wonder what I can do to hePlease myself.

Sorry for this extremely lost post.


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