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how can I reduce my symptoms?

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so im 15 & i have ibs & gerd. everyday i feel nauseous, stomach pain , bad bloating , & sometimes heartburn . i have a very big fear of vomiting . whenever im bloated , it makes me feel nauseous . i take prevaid everyday but that only helps for the acid reflux . is there anyway i can reduce some of my symptoms? mainly the nausea

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Hi ask you Dr for anti sick tablets there are a few. I kept feeling sick and being sick so have tablets to take now. They do work for me. I take buscopan 2 four times a day when I having a bad day. Go back to Dr's and push for some kind of pain relief, they should help as that's why the became Dr's! Good luck

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Idont believe that medication is good for IBS sufferers as you need to find the cause which is usually good related. Search Monash university website for Fodmaps elimination diet to help you find out the cause.

Ginger is great, holland and barret do wonderful sweets called Gin Gins, you can get chewy ones or hard boiled ones, I strongly recommend them...................they help with the bloating and ginger is excellent for sickness, got me through 4 pregnancies ............not sure what gerd is ?

ginger makes me sicker actually .... I guess we all are different.

isn't that strange !!

I take promethazine as needed for nausea , how ever it does make me tired. its works well at times and sometimes not so well.

I also fear being sick but am much better than I used to be (it's called Emetaphobia) as I decided to find a treatment and went to a hypnotherapist - I was desperate so would try anything. I haven't looked back, although I still have a bit of a fear of being sick I no longer stupidly worry if someone has a tummy bug in the office, I just avoid them but do not have the fear any more that I will get it.

Also, if I feel nauseous I take travel sick tablets - Stugeron and they work wonders.

Best of luck

Hi I have emeptiphobia and have recently though of being hypnotized does it actually work??

It certainly worked for me. I still don't know how I'd handle being sick but have to say the actual fear of someone having a tummy bug around me at work doesn't scare me anymore. I was so bad before I was hypnotised that one morning whilst walking towards work someone was walking towards me with their hand over their mouth and I thought they were going to be sick. I nearly ran into work and my heart was pounding, it was that incident that got me thinking that I had to sort myself out as it was ruling my life. There was no way I was ever going to catch anything from that person and they might have only been stifling a yawn but that's how bad I got.

I'm so much better now that if I feel nauseous with the IBS, which happens quite often, I no longer take Stugeron (travel sick tablets), I just sit quietly and eventually it goes away. I used to take Stugeron as I was really scared every time I felt sick.

It worked for me and I had a few sessions but it was worth every penny. I would check hypnotists out in your area to see how good they are.

Best of luck

Yes I am the same! I was even at hospital today and now I feel sick my mind is doing over time because I think k iv caught a bug with the germs in the hospital! It is crazy what this fear does to your mind! I'm so afraid of being hypnotized because I don't want them making me visualize someone or myself vomiting! But I will deffo look into it! I'd love to just be able to relax for just one night with no worries! I'm going to research some hypnotists now and hopefully one comes my way!! Thank you!!

Hi Taylor, sorry for taking so long to reply, I have been on holiday. I am pleased to say that my IBS was better than normal -I still suffered some but not quite as much - and I think that must be because I wasn't quite as stressed. Going back to hypnotheraphy; when I had mine she did ask me to focus on someone being sick and how did it make me feel on a 1 to 10 basis. Although that wasn't good it certainly has made a difference to my life - I even felt sick on a couple of occasions whilst on holiday due to IBS and was okay. The first time I was looking for travel sick tablets and we didn't have any so I had no choice but to cope without them and I did.

I hope that you are looking into hypnotheraphy or have located something else that works; would be good to know.

Take care x

Try peppermint tea for bloating I also found camomile and fennel helped a lot. Avoid foods that make you bloat it might take a while but use the process of elimination to see what makes u worse etc. Have you been checked for lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance? I get like you described if I eat oranges or anything orangey as I have an intolerance to it x

Try tonic water! It helps me! Most of the time I feel sick because of the indigestion and heartburn so I drink a glass of tonic water and it helps my pains an my neasuea! Hope this helps!

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