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really depressed of my ibs attacks

hi everyone im really struggling with my ibs atm. some days im perfect theres nothing wrong then comes Monday and im off to the loo everyday in the morning I have to go before work its annoying I never used to be like this. my doctor said I had ibs two years ago and all he did was check my height prodded my stomach and I had to do a stool sample which came back clear. but shouldn't he of done blood tests etc?? I dread going to places incase I have the runs I just don't know what to do anymore I cant enjoy my life atm. any help or advise would be greatful

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Sounds like the anxiety is probably making your symptoms worse. Try looking into therapy or an anti-anxiety medication to help. I'm looking into hypnotherapy as I've heard it can really help.

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I am a worrier. iv always been since a kid its obviously took its time to affect my guts. whats hypnotherapy??


It uses the power of positive suggestion to help change thoughts and behaviour. It also helps you achieve a more relaxed state of mind so your anxiety does not control you.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is also something you could try and you can get a referral for this from your GP. If you have anxiety this will help you learn new coping strategies for your anxiety. There is a high success rate for people with IBS. It's such a vicious cycle with anxiety and IBS and these therapies can help break that cycle. Many people believe IBS is related to food but for me (and I'm sure for many others) food is not actually the trigger to the flare ups therefore don't just focus on diet look at other areas of your life that may be acting as a trigger.


Sorry to hear that you are suffering with your IBS.

As Louisa has suggested having therapy for anxiety can help. I had a friend who had hypnotherapy (went to a hypnotist who deals with anxiety problems) and she was cured of exactly the same thing you have.

It's unbelievable how powerful our mind is. This has been proved to me time and time again in my 64yrs. My daughter can pass out if she's talking to anyone she finds boring, the problem started in primary school when she had to stand in school assembly. Now that's all done by her mind and not wanting the situation she's in. Your problem could be the same because you are thinking about your bowels being loose and desperately don't want that.

It may be an idea to ask your GP if you could have some anxiety counselling.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.



Oooh poor you, sounds like your work place is making you ill know how that feels as had to leave work 3 years ago due to stress based i.b.s - get your doctors to check your stress levels and don't get fobbed off with anti depressants, they won't help! Good luck you need to see your doctor and INSIST they check everything else!


I have an appointment on Monday I don't want any anti depressants I feel happy in myself one little thing pops into my mind and then that's it im worrying and it can be the most stupidest thing ever like going dentist or doctors


Sorry you're having such trouble. Anyone with IBS-like symptoms should be tested for coeliac disease as symptoms are similar. This involves a simple blood test (for TTG antibodies), but you need to have eaten a portion of gluten-containing food (eg 2 slices of bread, 2 Weetabix, a portion of pasta) daily for 6 weeks before the test, to prevent a false negative result.

It does sound like your symptoms may be stress related, in which case hypnotherapy may well help. Is your stress related to your job? Is there anything you could change about this?

It's also worth looking at your eating routines. Do you eat differently at the weekend? The bowel works best with regular mealtimes, and meals should contain similar amounts of fibre, fruit and veg day-to-day.

Best wishes


There's always something going off at work but it doesn't envolve me. Just other people. Yea I do eat at different times of the day as do when weekends. Iv been looking at New jobs lately something less stressful but atm no luck. My tummy was off again this morning :( so I had a bit of porridge and a cup of tea for breakfast x



Is your doctor sure IBS ? IF NOT there is new tests for proving IBS. Another thing:

FDA couple days approved new drug for IBS-D

please let me follow your case after above issues done.

My wish to heal.

Majeed Aldamah



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