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Gluten poisoned!!! What can i do

Hi everyone

So i have ibs brought on by alot of food intoelrances main one is gluten!

Just been out for mothering sunday and asked if there was any gluten in things they said no ! In the carvery.

Could not eat anything on starters or dessert so had my meat and veg and gravy and within half hour i was sweating, stomach pain, felf sick! Then rush to the toilet!!!

Now im home in pjs feeling

Sorry for myself as i feel rotten, shaking, sicky, indigestion, stomach pain....

QUESTION... for all u other gluten or intolerances Sufferers what do u do if something sneaks into ur food that shouldnt?

Remedies or things u do? Coz im stuck as to what to do? I been drinking loadsa water

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Hi, unfortunately there is little you can do, just wait for it to pass. Personally I don't eat out often apart at our local bistro on an occasional Sunday. On their menu they specifically cater for gluten free and do roast beef and all the trimmings that is totally gluten free. It's not easy but if you don't want to suffer it's worth it. My other tip is to ring in advance and speak to the restaurant prior to your lunch. Hope you feel better soon. 😊 X

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It about second time in year ive eaten out ... i rang... i did everything and they still gluted me!!!

Urgh it just make me wana stay in


Not much you can do other than ride it out , but just a heads up that gravy is rarely gluten free as it's mostly flour! x


It so annoying i asked and she said it was just beef stock!

Then she just looks at me when im sweating and feeling like im gona b sick and goes “ oh therw flour in there to to thicken it would that make any difference”?!!!!!!!!


Seriously . Wished people knew. Only good thing was i got all my money back for our meals lol.

Still suffering though


You are well within rights to make a formal complaint x

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Just makes u so angry doesnt it!

They seem to think ur a inconvenience or making it up


I'm pretty sure it's like illegal of some sorts as you did ask beforehand, what they did breaches some sort of code of conduct for them even operating as a business, as they could cause someone a serious damage, like if they were coeliac, and get shut down. I'd make them suffer a little if I were you, make up for what you've been through haha x


Well i didnt have to pay for all four of us so i supose that something.

It just annoyed me as they looked at me as if to say “ urgh why didnt u just go somewhere else”!!!


Yes, @katecurlyfries is correct! I work with food (and mindful eating to support people like you and I with IBS) and there are clear laws in place in the UK (are you in the UK?) around providing information on allergens. I would make sure the management of the place know what happened as the fines are potentially very steep. So sorry to hear about this!

Unfortunately rest, simple food and time is the only thing I've found helps when something like this happens. And some calming meditation. Oh and fresh mint or ginger tea! I hope you feel a bit better today.


Thanku very much for ur reply.

My mother did tell them off lol as i was stuck on toilet sweating and they apologised and gave us money off but it still not good.

I have missed day of work as im completely shattered as anyone will tell u that has intolerances or ibs it completely wears u out, i feel like i been beaten up....

Is there anything over the counter that can help settle or is it better to keep it natural. Im on sofa with a hottie and drinking hot mint tea and it slowly settling but i feel like i got a ball of indigestion in chest now where im empty.

Ive sent mum out to get me some ginger bear and tea to try to eat something.

It awful isnt it!

I am soooo into my eating and clean eating and this is literally first time this has happened in a year so im so upset with myself that i in this situation. I think people dont understand how ill u can get , i feel like i been poisoned


Oh you poor, poor thing! I think people don't realise the emotional upset of getting like this. Ginger beer is one of the things I turn to as well (it's the only fizzy drink I ever have - and normally only if I have a tummy upset).

I haven't found anything other than a bit of loperamide (Imodium) that really makes any difference for me personally, but I know some people take Buscopan from time to time (it doesn't really do much for me though). Maybe some pepto-bismol tablets might helps if you have indigestion.

I think just keeping your food simple for the next few days and resting up (and trying to not get too stressed if you can - which I know is hard!!!) will help. I normally stick with toast (I can actually cope with wheat now so I have sourdough), bananas, white rice and boiled eggs when I have a flare up. And a good box set of something on TV :)


Ha ha that what im doin now,watching stranger things 2, whilst drinking ginger bear( like u i never drink anything fizzy but it works as does tonic water).

Think today il just fast that generally what i do when i get gluted, as if i put food in belly it seems to just start the pain of again! So il wait till tomoz ..

Oh the joy !!

Yeh people defo dont realise how bad it can b, think even my mum and nan were shocked at how quick and bad it became as im usually so good they never see me suffer.

My poor husband last night he on 12 hour days today and all he had was me moaning and groaning all night ha


Stranger Things 2 & ginger beer sounds like the perfect remedy! Hopefully you'll feel a bit more human by the end of the day!


Thanks Meredith.

I got to say after a few hearty burps i am starting to feel abit more settled.

The shaking stopped and i have not had to rush to toilet for couple hours now.

A good sleep and that will hopefully be it by tomoz.

Suppose it good excuse for a dossy sofa day!


Oh that's really good to hear! (And the weather is definitely sofa weather today.)


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