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Some relief at last

Hi. After suffering daily pain, bloating and wind for years, (I have IBS C) i have finally found some relief. I was prescribed pregabalin by my GP which does help ease the pain. I was referred to a dietician for a group meeting to try the FODMAP diet. They gave us all 2 booklets. One lists foods in red amber and green, Red is no go, amber maybe in small amounts, and green is ok. It is complicated, and requires a lot of reading labels, but the second booklet does advise about products. I have made a few mistakes, and paid for it, but generally find I don't get constipated, and the attacks are fewer and shorter. Definitely worth trying.

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Hi drigby,I was prescribed Pregablin 8yrs ago,it does absolutely nothing for me,and it's extremely hard to withdraw from. I don't want to burst your bubble but don't make my mistake,if you don't get enough relief after 1-2mths,give it up.


I have colitis as well as a under active thyroid, had allergy testing done to find out which foods are causing my problems. Wheat being the main thing which causes my bloating, it is just a case of trial and error, with different foods


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