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I just accidentally stumbled across this blog of IBS suffers. I've had IBS for over 20 years. I have recently discovered some relief, that I thought I would share with you. It won't help everyone but has helped myself and my daughter immensely. I started taking Fennel (capsules) and Peppermint Oil (capsules). The fennel helps with the gas and the Peppermint helps with the cramping/bloating. You can get them in health food stores or on Amazon.com. Make sure you're not allergic before taking. I got relief immediately and have had only 2 flare ups since and that was because I didn't take them.

Like I said, they won't help everyone, but they're a better alternative than drugs.

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I take peppermint oil capsules, and find they help. I haven't tried fennel, but glad that they have helped you and your daughter.

Hi, thanks for your post. I have tried peppermint in the past but not Fennel so I'll now try both of them together.

Thank you


Let me know if they help you! I've tried changing my diet many times but nothing helps 100%. I do know for a fact though that a high fiber diet is NOT tolerated by my colon, even though many docs say that is the answer. I can't even eat the peel of an apple... and I love apples.

I certainly will let you know if they help. Haven't tried yet as haven't been near the shops for days. I love broccoli and cauliflower but cannot eat it as gives me awful wind and cramps.

I was recommended Fennel tea in Austria.When I then discovered capsules I now take these.They certainly help with bloating and pain but I am not free of symptoms.

I prefer the capsules as I'm not a fan of the taste of fennel. Maybe trying the peppermint in addition would help? I don't think anything will take away 100% of symptoms, but I am SO much better with taking these two things.

Good luck!

Does anoyne know if fennel capsules are okay on the FODMAP diet?

It says to avoid fennel. But I don't know if that means capsules too... sorry, I'm of no help!

shamk in reply to AfricanSheila

Hi Sheila,

According to the Monash app, 2g of Fennel seeds are considered to be low FODMAP . I just checked the ingredients of fennel capsules and it contains 480mg fennel seed and gelatin. I am not sure if gelatin causes symptoms but at least the seeds have been tested.

Thank you, i tried taking peppermint capsules but it didn't help much however the tea works better for me. As you pointed our clearly  capsules works better for some and the tea for others. 

So glad the tea works for you! 

Thanks I will give it ago

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