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Pain relief suggestions

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I get lots of bloating sometimes constipation other times diaria I also tend to get urine infections not sure if that is a part of the Ibs symptoms. I am just keeping a diary to see if I can nail which foods trigger the problem . I can go a couple of months at a time with no problem, but when it flairs up the lower tummy pain is terrible has any one had a great success with any pain relief .

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I have tried so far (in rough order) paracetamol, co-codamol, Tramadol, Oramorph (liquid morphine) and Fentanyl sublingual tablets (they melt under your tongue to work quickly). Only the last two help my pain and I have been seen by a Pain Management consultant to try and help. Often with IBS they don't know what is causing the pain so that makes it harder to treat. Also for some people like me there are no foods I can magically avoid to improve my symptoms of pain, loss of consciousness, dizziness, sweating, shaking etc despite working with a dietician for a couple of years and ruling out obvious things like gluten, lactose and fructose intolerance. Please don't give up but keep on at your GP/consultant to help you with effective pain relief. If one doesn't work, go back and ask again. Wish you all the best.

Hi Whiteladder , I would just like to ask you,do any of these foods affect you more,onion,garlic,baked beans,and cheese spread also tomatoe. I ask this because like you I struggle to put any foods to my symptoms,so If I feel a bit worse than usual I tend to say oh it's what I've eaten, but I'm never sure. A couple of weeks ago I had a birds eye burger with onion cheese and Tomatoe, and I felt really ill, yet I don't know if it was that. Sorry to go on so.

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All the above, affect me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but occasionally, I can eat anything????

Well you think your one of the worse until. You here other stories. To me my Ibs is bad enough and very painful sometimes. You sound a lot worse off than I am it makes me feel a bit of a wimp. Really sorry your Simpsons are as drastic as that I wish you luck and hope you find some medication or diet to help.

Hi Whiteladder , you sound very similar to me. Is it chronic IBS you have, and do you go to the toilet for a BM after every time you eat, not nessaserarily D or even C just have to go. You say you bake your own bread,so are you gluten intolerant,and if you do everything from fresh do you feel any better for it. Also what do you do for relief from pain. Sorry to ask so many questions but I'm trying to learn from other people who sound like me. I was offered the Buscupan injections to take myself when pain was extreme, but due to a heart problem I've been told there not safe. I'd be grateful for any advise you can give me. Sorry for the long post but I'm getting desperate now.

Gemma I really feel for you. I have chronic IBS and I've tried everything there is to try all to no avail. I'm now awaiting appointments for Hypnotherapy to see if that does any good. I wish I could be more help,but you are in the right place there is people on here who have had success with some meds. Good Luck.

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Thank you

I avoid frozen food of any kind, any takeaway food (rice is bad enough to land me in hospital if I had some) anything pre-prepared at all and make everything from scratch. I buy fresh meat and carrots, parsnips and potatoes, and make burgers, stews etc myself. I never reheat any leftovers and bake my own bread so no additives go into it. I drink water and peppermint tea and that's it. I don't use anything like Bisto or premade or packet sauces. I sometimes have cheddar cheese but not really a big fan. I try not to buy anything that could be considered junk food or rubbish. Despite this sounding vaguely healthy I'm still 3 stone overweight and haven't stopped gaining weight in the years I've been ill. Since on a good day my excercise is making It from the bed to the sofa I guess I shouldn't be surprised but it's still horrible.

Wow that's terrible you no though my Doctor said each individual suffers differently what one person can not eat others can I'm just slowley nudging out the things I think does not suit. Only thing is most of them are my favourets but Ha if its stops the pain anxiety and imbarosment so be it. It's when it flairs up and I cain't relieve the pain that's the worse

Just to say it might not be foods which are causing your IBS especially if you can go a couple of months on your normal foods without the problem. Quite a mystery but Best wishes

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That's sounds reasonable if It's not foods then I will have to look at other avenue,s I suppose wouldn't no were else to start.

Kolanticon gel will deal with the spasms in your bowel, your chemist may suggest a tablet or medicine to take over the counter!

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Will try anything!!!!! I have been using Loperamide for D, n I think it works a bit???

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