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Hallo all so some of u may have read my odd post saying how bad my ibs has gotten and how im almost certain it is food related. Iv had ibs for years and have gone dairy free which initially helped but my syptoms are now very much worse. I absolutely hate fuss and bother so have never tryed to cut out the other things a york test and vega test told me i was intolerant too. The main one being yeast. I hate the fact i shouldnt be eating bread products and feel its such a pain when u have work lunches to consider or when im on a day out or on holiday with the kids its such a hassle trying to find the 'right' foods to eat all the time. However its getting to the point where needs must. Id love some ideas on hassle free & hopefully inexpensive alternatives to bread if anyone has any. Unfortunately gluten free bread still has yeast in it 😕 And i really dont like soda bread. Help!!

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  • There a several reports that say how inaccurate these tests are. I would still switch to gluten free bread but do it for at least a month. If you are considering getting tested for celiac then do that first. Good luck.

  • Hallo thanks for your reply. Iv already been tested for coeliac more than once and it was clear each time so i dont want to cut out gluten unnecacasserly iv also noticed i getvstomach ache after eating gf bread no idea why?xx

  • Premade gluten free bread makes me very ill as well. Could be additives, could be corn, no idea. If I make it myself, no problem

  • Hiya. I cut out bread and it has made a massive difference so well worth the hassle. I have four children and a job so understand where you are coming from. Work lunches first, oatcakes are my saviour, but they have to be Nairns Cheese ones, lush. I take them to work with half an advocado, they are very filling. Ryvitas is another bread gluten and yeast free substitute, they have all sorts of flavours now, the cinnamon and apple ones with cheese for lunch are delicious. Lentils, ready cooked, thrown in a pot with leftovers and some salad dressing. Eating out is tricky, the world does seem to rely on sandwiches but most supermarkets do boxed salads and sushi is not much more than a decent sandwich, I have had burgers with the kids before now but just not eaten the bun. I do eat a fairly clean healthy diet but did find it hard at first, I don't eat pasta either as it is gluten I avoid. Breakfast is always porridge with almond milk, honey, flax seeds, Greek yogurt and almonds. Lunch is usually oat cakes and advo and dinner meat or fish with salad and rice or potatoes of some sort. It's hard but I had to do something and I feel so much better. You get used to it, I don't really miss bread now and don't even think about eating it. Hope this helps.

  • Try Putts bread for sandwiches. But double check the labels. It's supposed to be yeast free.

  • Hi I have had IBS for30 years, I take Mebeverine, they work wonders along with my restricted diet, I am not intolerant to yeast, but I eat wraps, the ones I get fromAldi have no yeast in them and are very cheap, they are soft and can be frozen, but u will need to separate them with wax paper before u freeze them. I am dairy and meat intolerant, other things upset me but I always enjoy the food and drink I can eat and drink. Try your family on your diet and they can then appreciate what u have to suffer, it really helped me. Here's hoping u feel much better soon. X.

  • Yes as people say try cutting out yeast if you cant go the whole gluten free thing. I hate the taste of gluten free bread (and it full of fillers etc), so eat Ian Rankins soda bread and farls if I can get them, oat cakes and wraps, and matzo biscuits

  • I've been trying to cut our or at any rate minimise bread as well and am finding that my ibs is certainly better. I work too many hours and fortunately have a national supermarket near work which does a £3 meal deal which includes a salad (greek or tuna nicoise are my favourites), snack (strawberries with cream, yogurt, other fruit pots) and a drink (Innocent juices) - brilliant value and keeps me off the sandwich trail and taking less Mebeverine. Good luck with finding good alternatives to bread.

  • This is a gluten-free yeast free bread that's pretty adaptable. Doesn't make good sandwiches, but you can toast it up and add spreads on top. It's a hit at my house. Not good if you're sensitive to fiber.

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