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Rumbling tummy

Hi all this is my first post on here but have been following you guys for a while... I've had ibs d for as long as I can remember ( I'm 33) it is completely stress related and I constantly have to cancel going out and will use ANY excuse to not leave the house! I can deal with all of this as I'm used to it now and can sometimes manage with Imodium. My real issue is the constant rumbling in my tummy it really never stops I avoid all meetings and my children's school and any social situation where there may be a quiet spell as it is so embarrassing! I've tried hundreds of pre biotic tablets, Yakult, silicogel and nothing helps. I only take peppermint oil capsules morning and night now but don't think they are doing anything.. I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem and how you deal with it?? I avoid gassing foods and drinks etc it just never stops. Thanks

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Hi there - this seems very similar to my situation. Ive had IBS for around 4 years and at one point I didnt leave the house for 2 months. I cope day to day with Imodium and mine is also very stress related!! My stomach and throat rumble alot and the only thing that helps me is drinking water constantly! - I never leave home without bottles of water and I am constantly drinking. I have tried peppermint oil before but honestly did nothing for me!!

Hope this helps in some way,

Stay Strong XX


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