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Large Tummy

Hi all, I've been on this site quite a lot. I suffer chronic IBS and although that's bad enough ,I have another problem. My Tummy looks about 6mths pregnant, and I'm only5ft2ins and 9st. I know it's all to do with IBS but I just wondered if anyone has any tips on how I could reduce it. I know it's not easy as I've read of a lot of people on here with the same problem. Any help would be appreciated .

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My best advice would be to keep a dairy of what you eat and how you react to the foods, do it for a few weeks and then , change the things that effect you worse? Like white bread to brown and eat it less often, only change one thing at once though as you'l not feel the difference, it works but takes time,I wish you luck and hope your feeling better soon ☺ x


hi ive kept a food diary fro 2 months,both practice nurse and dietician said my diet was fine.ive switched to eating other foods ie no fried food except on odd occasion when something can only be fried,from white to brown bread and no wheat etc.made no difference to my stomach which is still getting more distended.

have you had a steady weight increase and is it general or localized to your stomach?


It doesn't work for everyone, but low FODMAPS has helped me considerably. It took 3 weeks of following the regime before the bloating went, although some people see improvements after a couple of days. After the elimination stage of 7 weeks where I couldn't eat such things as wheat (i.e. only gluten free bread and pasta), no onion or garlic, limited fruit and vegetables, I'm now on the reintroduction stage and I've discovered that bread is a huge trigger for me, just one slice and I was bloated within 2 hours.

There's quite a bit of information on the net and if you'd like to try it, then ask your GP to refer you to a dietitian but I know some people do it independently. A word of caution though, it's very difficult at the beginning, getting your head round all the allowed foods and it only really works if you cook for yourself. But the feeling of relief has certainly been worth it for me.

If you'd like any more information, just let me know and I'll be happy to reply.


hi ask your best friend if you really look that much bigger. mirrors and our vuew is not often true. if you are then see your doctor.i get bloated but im sure it loos bigger to me than it really is.


Thank you for your replys. Sorry to say I've done most of the suggestions you made. I did the Fodmap diet strictly for 8wks,I found no change in either my IBS or my Tum,it just made me feel really ill because it's so restricting,I did do it with the help of a profestionals dietician . I've also kept a diary but when you've got IBS all the time you can't really tell what your triggers are,apart from onions,and baked beans. Also my Tum don't just expand after food and go down first thing in the morning it's there all the time, the same as the pain. But all the same thank you for taking the time to reply.


HI Gemini71

I too have a very distended tummy. I have IBS with loose bowels and am having ongoing tests. I am only 5' and when they weighed me at the hospital I was told I am 11stone 6. I look pregnant all the time and it seems that whatever I eat or do not eat I am the same. I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on the same day and have been suffering bad with my hiatus hernia and acid reflux really bad since then.

If and when I get any luck with this I will let you know. I really do feel for you



Hi have you tried Lanzoprazole for acid reflux it works quite well?


Hi Gemini71

Yes indeed I have Omeprazole and Ranitidine prescribed at the moment


I also hope you get some relief,genuinely.


Please let me know what you find out. I go through this same thing EVERY day.. It is totally miserable, I understand how you feel!! I can't go anywhere without someone asking if I am expecting. How embarrassing!

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Hi all thanks for taking time to reply. Problem is I've tried everything you've suggested. After 12yrs of this I think I've been through everything . But my Tummy is just so distended I really don't know what to do about it. I'm seeing a top Gastrologist a bit later this month,so I'll ask him for any suggestions. And Suzanne and mborge if I get any positive actions to take I'll let you know. Somone has told me to ask my freinds, well my husband never likes upsetting me ,but even he says its distened now.


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