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Constant rumblings and grumblings!

That kind of describes my digestive system really. From stomach to lower intestinal area there seems to be an almost constant amount if activity in the form if rumblings, poppings, grumblings and gurgling and a feeling of lots of wind (both trapped and not so trapped!!). I've tried lots of things including Colpermin, charcoal tablets etc, they help sometimes but often not. I find if I settle down and listen to a relaxation clip on YouTube my guts do settle but as soon as I stop it all starts again. I've tried the Low Fodmap diet but I find it so restrictive that I end up falling of the wagon! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Which group of IBS-ers do you belong to, constipation, diarrhoea or a mix of the two?


I have this same issue. I haven't found a remedy either but the only things that help are picking at food gradually throughout the day instead of big meals, and relaxing a lot. As soon as I'm busy it starts up again, especially when I'm in a quiet public place my stomach decides to grumble so loud! Hopefully someone will suggest something...


I have been through the war and back many times with the IBS-D which sometimes results in constipation but not for long. I have many different meds to use which are as needed. The only maintenance drugs I use are a probiotic and cholestyramine daily. The cholestyramine allowed me to leave my house again and wear white pants!!!

The prescription as needed drugs are lomotil, donnatal, hyoscyamine, nortriptyline, bentyl.

I have tried the IB Gard which was a waste of money.

I have good and bad days and weeks! Kept food logs, diets, etc. Sorry to say nothing helps. Followed fodmap for many years now... doesn't help either.

Wish I could be more positive but its just every day is a new day. I don't make any appointments or commitments until after lunch. Mornings are always the worst time.

I am retired early due to this condition and would love to go back to work but know I cannot.

I wish you luck.


Agree, mornings are far the worst, otherwise not too bad rest of day, just bought Kefir for first time, seems to be highly recommended, i await the results.


Would you mind letting everyone know how you get on with the Kefir? I bought some Kefir some time back just to see what it tasted like (I could only get the natural cherry flavour at the time) and I really enjoyed it so am thinking of making it myself.


Would love to know how you got on with the kefir, I've been reading such rave reviews on the stuff but I'm scared to try as I haven't touched dairy for years as I've convinced myself it's not something that agrees with me!! Also, I am a very anxious person, does anyone else with an over active digestive system suffer with anxiety too?


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