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Weight gain !!

I have IBS and under active thyroid . I am on 125 of Levothyroxine. The thing that is driving me mad is my weight and lack of energy. I have been told to follow a Gluten free diet (my son is coeliac) which is mostly helping with IBS (not all the time) but I have not eaten bread, cake, biscuits etc at all for 16 weeks now, trying to use this to lose weight but I am still gaining weight ! I cannot tell you how little I do eat now but still it goes on, I am getting truly depressed by it. I have an active enough lifestyle but do need to up exercise but the fatigue doesn't help.

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Ditto for the IBS and under-active thyroid. IBS mostly under control if I steer clear of the triggers.

I read recently that gluten free products contain a large amount of fat. I suppose to make them stable as there's no gluten to do this.

I've to be very careful what I eat as regards weight gain since being on levothyroxine (100). Even a small increase in food intake results in extra pounds.

Fatigue comes and goes with thyroid problems as the substitute levo is not as good as having a normal functioning thyroid which adjusts to needs more accurately.

Does your doctor check your TSH levels very regularly? I get checked every three months and on any slight variation he adjusts the dose. Others are only checked annually. Depends on how interested the doctor is.

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