A naturopath recently recommended that I take Fybogel (psylllium husks) to regulate my bowel for my IBS.  When I looked at the packet in Boots it said it was for constipation and I have IBS D so am reluctant to take it for fear of worse results!   I wonder if anybody with IBS D has had experience of Fybogel improving the situation and regulating what are sometimes very powerful diarrhoea expulsions?

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  • Hey. Yeah I've used psyllium husks before. There not just for constipation. They can help bulk out stool too. They did help me for some time so I would say give them a try!

  • I have taken fybogel for about 20 years and over the last couple of years psyllium husk as considerably cheaper. I have had spells where I haven't taken it and my d is worse. Def give it a go but it will prob make you a bit more windy to start with but bear with it. Good luck

  • Hi,

    I have IBS D but on occasions , say after taking immodium , I can get a couple of days when I can be constipated. I use Fybogel to get relief and it usually works great . Sometimes I think it causes diahrrea again . A sort of vicious circle.

    It actually says on the packet that it can be used for D and C but I would not be keen on using it unless I was a bit blocked and needing to get to the loo.

    We all seem to react differently but hope this is of some help.



  • I have been given this too with ibs-d. It does bulk you out and it has not made my condition worse, so as others have said, give it a go.

  • I had a flare up of daily diarrhea for over a year. Imodium made it worse (soiled the bed). Eventually prescribed fybogel with mebeverine which I've been on for about nine months now and although not 'normal' am at least under control with 1 to 2 bm a day and about 5 on the Bristol scale.

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