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Any fybogel alternatives?

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I was recommended trying fybogel for my IBS-C from the gastrointestinal I spoke to but my mum has tried it before and apparently it tastes foul so I’m just wondering if there are any other alternatives that anyone knows of that are meant to be effective and wouldn’t trigger any symptoms like gas/pain etc

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A glass of coconut water every day

Try obifibre it has no taste I liked the taste of fibrogel but its can make you feel more bunged up x

Try optifibre most fibre supplements cause wind x

Milled linseed/flax sprinkled on cereal. Laxido sachets also

Just tastes like orange to me; it is orange flavoured. It can be used both for diarrhoea or constipation, and it worked brilliantly for me. I had suffered an IBS flare up for a year and it was getting worse, to the stage where I was almost dreading going out in case I was caught short. Took the fybogel, never looked back. Worked from the very first day, got me back to almost total normality and, fingers crossed, the IBS has been under control ever since. It honestly doesn't taste foul, not in my opinion.

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Oh okay, thank you so much!


Movicol worked well for me for about 12 years. It doesn’t taste as bad as fybogel & it’s kinder. It didn’t gripe me like fybogel did. 😀

I don't think it tastes foul, at least the orange flavour. I've actually come to like it. It's totally down to personal taste, so maybe you should try it and see whether it bothers you or not. Any fibre supplement can cause bloating and wind but it should decrease over time. Just be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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