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Never written but always watchrs

For 33years I have had pain in my lower right side. Two years ago & started in my upper right;! Would you believe a GP said to me I have nothing in the lower right that would cause pain!!  I moved house & therefore got a new gp. I thought I would be clever and keep a food & body diary. I kept this for 8 wks & handed into too gp. I didn't receive a phone call from gp. So I made an appointment. He said I ate like I was at restaurant every night. I have me the fod map diet!!! Now!! I can cook, not brilliantly, but I'm shit hot at what I do. Everything is made from scratch. And I didn't have  clur what I was doing with this diet. So I went to my psychologist & she referred me to a dietitian. Whom by the way is absolutely brilliant. But food made no difference to the pain in my lower right non existent "gps words" reason for being sore, exceptionally so aT times. I truly feel o could put my hand in and rip it out & it would feel better. 


Pain started at 13, they took my appendix out thinking it was them. When they went in, they were fine, but took them out anyway, go figure. Anyway, result now is, I've done fodmap for 6mths, then other diets from dietitian with no success apart from more diahorrea & more pain. Back to dietitian next Wednesday for her results then off too gp to ask for consultant. Previously, I was diagnosed with pre can erous polyps, no follow on to this day, 6yrd later & diverticulitis with IBS. Perhaps!! If any gp reads this or others on here, youay take a moment to think, if it was yoy, would you be so bloody careless in your healthcare. One very frustrated irate & painful customer

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Ps, sorry for the spelling mistakes


Maybe a long shot, but do you have other symptoms from this list? difficulty-swallowing.com/s...  Google B12 deficiency and IBS and you can read about the link.  IBS and vitamin B-12 deficiency are medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms. Because of this, one condition can be prematurely misdiagnosed as the other.  Since the diet isn't working maybe its worth a shot?


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