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I cured my IBS

I did this by simply eliminating all food that was not anatomically designed for human consumption. I went back to nature. Fruit, vegetables, rice, legumes, meat. No man made/factory made food, no milk (it's meant for cows). I now only have a flair up when I drink alcohol (which I do rarely at social events), also a man made product.

I would like to hear from anyone that lives on a pure human food diet and has IBS?

I decided after much research, much constipation, diarrhoea, much bloatedness, loads of worthless prescriptions, that people in the world that eat a natural human diet- the less developed economically but also less processed diet wise, do not suffer with IBS. So I tried this out, it worked, and seems now so obvious an approach that I want to spread the word as my life is now so vastly improved.

My heart goes out to those still suffering. Anyone tried this approach without success? Anyone see how obvious this solution is?

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p.s. I also gave up coffee and made the switch to fruit teas, not easy at first but better than dealing with the symptoms of IBS


Yes aload of us have tried this everyday without sucess please leave this site as your insulting the intelligence of others if it was that simple we all would be cured by now!


'Fraid not worked for me. I have found complete relief from the FODMAPS diet that has been specifically formulated for those with IBS. Legumes, onions etc a no go, also a lot of fruits. Glad it has worked for you though!


Can you please help me understand why IBS is only found in people who adopt a western diet then please? I can only put it down to the stress of living in western society if that is the case?

still waiting for an answer at present to this genuine question


I think, might be wrong, that the Western life style just hasn't time for people to cook and I mean really cook, not heat up, microwave etc. Not the time to relax. The western life style is more fast paced, more demanding. So much more to cause stress, from the commute, to the worries of the economy.

We just don't take a breath, stop and enjoy life. Just too much on our 'plates;, no pun intended.

Even eating is a rush, often in front of the goggle box and rarely a proper, relaxed family event.

Too much ready meals etc, convenience food rather than food that is good for us.

Modern life is killing is, just as much at it is allowing us to life longer. An odd con-durum.


I agree entirely. I am reading The China Study at the moment. I think we've become consumed with the notion we can eat any old processed junk and not suffer consequences, and if consequences arise we look for a pill to fix it instead of changing our bad habits.

I am talking as a culture as opposed to individual cases.

I thoroughly believe a kinesiologist and an osteopath in combination could fix all cases of IBS where internal damage has not already been done.


Nor me I am 3wks into Fodmap diet fingers crossed


Thanks, I am really glad it is working for you. Please take a moment to look at a book called 'the china study'

The route cause of all our suffering is enclosed within.

I am not allowed to say anything on this site that doesn't directly support the NHS so I will be banned soon anyway.


You seem to be deliberately provocative. Are you having fun or trying to be genuinely helpful? If latter, you need to learn forum etiquette. I have never been so in need of stating my mind as I have with you. We are all entitled to opinions, but there are softer ways of making your case that are not quite so offensive!


Pls take a look at the china study (it is available on youtube in a brief intro sort of thing), I am genuinely trying to help.

Are you not interested in the route cause of IBS?

I have been atacked because I do not support the NHS I get criticized for trying to help.

In what way am I being provocative? I really don't understand.

I suffered as much as anyone and fought so hard to find a good way to heal myself.

I found the route cause not a cure for the symptoms. There is a new book called 'whole' by T Colin Campbell - I find him to be the most compassionate man in the world. I don't mind if you hate me at all. This man is really really good at what he does. The first chapter of the book 'whole' can be read via a link if you google it. Dismiss me if you mustt but don't dismiss this mans life long work to help people.


No, you misunderstand me! I think it is great you are trying to help, but you are not approaching this in the right way. You are stating things as if you know everything without accepting that everyone is different, and that we are all intelligent enough to have tried everything possible. You are suggesting I read one published article as if this is the answer to everything. I wish it was that simple. I have read hundreds of articles over the years and am an academic with access to all the research I need. The only thing that has worked for me is the FODMAPS diet, but I do not take an arrogant stance on it and assume it will work for everyone just because it works for me; I can only suggest it as an alternative for people to give it a go. Try understanding that we are all different and IBS is a catch-all for numerous bowel problems where there is no one answer. A bit of humility in your approach goes a long way! ;-)


It is not one published article, honest, it is the most comprehensive study ever done on the human diet. It really is an amazing book. Just take the time to read the back cover on amazon or something please. His follow up book 'whole' is not out yet but you can read the first chapter for free. I would be really really surprised as an academic if this book did not ressonate with you. I have nothing to gain from this book I am just hoping to share this most vital information. Please just take a minute to look into it. I promise you I am not trying to waste your time.


I will certainly look at it as I am a bookworm. But I have found my cure, and all I am saying is, accept that one man's meat is another man's poison and don't try and push your views on people. Giving alternatives is great and very altruistic, but treating people as idiots is not!


So what diet works for you?

I have recently become vegan even though meat did work for me when I had problems, I did find meat and potatoes together was an issue, but meat and other veg, fish and rice etc was not a problem and sweet potatoes never gave me any issue either when mixed with anything.


I am one of those on a 'pure human food diet' as you call it and still suffers from IBS. I have no processed food and make all my food from scratch and still suffer from symptoms. As you can see from the FODMAPs diet and peoples' experience, there are plenty of non processed foods that we are sensitive to. Its great that this diet worked for you but everyone is different, with different triggers.


I agree with you entirely I've suffered with IBS for 12yrs and I am sick and tired of people trying to tell me how to cure it.We are all different so what works for one won't work for another.I am 3wks into the Fodmap diet I can't say I feel any results yet but I will not give up as it seems to have helped a lot of people on this site.


The 'Human' food diet is debateable... I don't buy any 'ready made' or processed food. I eat very healthily but I still have IBS. I believe this disease has way more than one starting trigger. Alcohol for starters..how much did we drink in the past...for me..too much. When I was young. Then medications...also taken too frequently over the past years..Cortisone in my opinions is a BIG cause. Environmental toxicity and local...

I've had IBS for years and I have not impoved much. Tried man diets and medications make t better in the short term and worse later. Keep food simple... Yes thats good advice..but dont try to label it the 'human' diet ...because to me that seems to be making something out f nothing.. Keep eating as simple as possible most of the time and healthy..and stay away fom as many meds as you can unless you have no choice. A Dr old me a long ime ago, medication is not your answer! I heartily agree. It often cures one thing only to give you 3 other things!

Eat organic as much as possible..choose the right and healthy cooking oils and listen to your body as much as possible...LEARN your body..and what it can deal with.

Your IBS is not cured by the way, cured means you can eatand drink what you like..so writing in this way that you found some kind of mirale cure is not good. Cured means you can drink and eat what you like with no bad effects! 'Control' would be a better word! Say..'I controlled my IBS' and that would be nearer the truth and kinder to all of us who are also 'controlling' our IBS as much as we can!

Good wishes and kind regards


Coffee definitely affects my stomach so I drink more tea and herbal teas


Curedof IBS needs to listen to what people are saying rather than asking rhetorical questions and then ignoring the answers ,it is not true that IBS is a western disease .having lived and worked in both Korea and Japan and eaten the traditional diets of both those countries I can assure you I have plenty of japaneses and Korean friends who suffer from something that looks and sounds remarkably like IBS . In my case my IBS was often worse ! While Korean friends who have visited me in uk and eaten "a western diet "have noticed improvements for some and deteriation for others . I myself grow all my own food and source fish from the sea and meat from a grass fed organic farm


I get your point and agree, but if I eat broccoli, I am doomed to a day in bed with pain.

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Broccoli is a Fodmap so I would avoid it if I were you


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