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Hello all 

so here we are:( i have cronic gastritus /ibs/ulsers/d1 erosions /heital hernia/a valve in small stomach that dont close and i am   on anti depressants .but the h ploris gone.

All of my day is spent trying not to be sick i have lost 3 jobs over the time i have been ill and this is looking to b my fourth.

The reason  im posting is i feel i have no way out anymore and i am loosing hope in getting better. The tablets make me worse and my consoltation is 30 days away (hopefully to close valve) i would love any help/advice on how the hell you carry on living this .

Is there some system set up to "look after me" while ill?

I feel i cant work /vomiting/weakness/general down mood and the fight has almost left me .love and peace 2 all 

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First off.. Hold on.. I've been there.. It took me a long time to be able to be where I am today.. It was trial and error and a lot of feeling miserable.. I existed on a bland diet of basically pasta and everything with wheat and gluten had to go.. Anything with grease or oil was a no.. Caffeine for a long time big no no!  Everything has to be be bland and not greasy.. Thankfully I was listened to by my fantastic GP and placed on medicines for IBS and gastritis. Basic vegetables, no acid or sulpher. healing foods look them up, I ate potatoes, bananas, water melon soothing and non acidic. One day at a time. When you go in make note of everything you eat and how it made you feel.. You have no need to feel like this and tell your doctor exactly how you feel, the more you tell the more they can help! Hold on in there! It does get better with very careful diet and time 


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