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My appendicitis scare - yet again!

Hi there. I'm having the sort of flare up today that's keeping me in bed when I want to be gardening. Anyone out there sometimes get horrible drilling sort of pain in the lower right abdomen near the groin? I always start to freak that it's going to be appendicitis but I have experienced this for over 40 years! I first got it when I was 15 and my mum got peritonitis from a burst undetected appendicitis. Probably says it all really. Any kind words gratefully received.

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I sometimes get pain low down  the abdomen on the right side. Like you I've had this for decades and it comes and goes. I decided not to have this investigated as I feel I have to draw the line somewhere. My instinct says it's not serious as it never gets any worse. However any pain which confines you to bed needs to be reported to a doctor. Hope you're feeling a little better.

Best wishes


Thank you for responding. It's good for me (and new) to hear from someone else who gets something similar. I'm feeling much better today and I can manage the pain without painkillers and don't need to stay in bed. I am new to using the IBS network and found the self care section so very helpful and comforting. It helped me note the stress I am under at work and I found the suggestions for relaxation very useful. I also want to thank you for saying I need to let my GP know that I was confined to bed due to the pain. This is very helpful because I am in contact with my GP about considering taking time off work due to work-place stress. And I know stress and anxiety are a trigger for my IBS.

Best wishes to you too and once again thank you.


I get this too - it doubles me up and I had my appendix out in 1965 but it feels like it's grown over again which I know can't happen so I do sympathise with you 

Get well soon 


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