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Oh not again!

Hello. IBS is something I've apparently had for years and, being in my 70's I guess it's been sort of a generational thing to just put up with it. As teenagers we sufferers used to dismiss it jokingly as 'having the wild-shites'...a result of too much the night before! We'd never even heard of IBS. But later in life it's not that funny.

For me, it occurs only about 3 or 4 times a yearand lasts days, sometimes weeks, so it's more of a nuisance than anything. Like the 'supermarket dash' has a different meaning! The pain isn't that bad, coming in spasms rather than continuous. But reading some of the posts on here, I really didn't know it was so bad for some of you, and you have my sympathy.

Enough about me. Just thought I'd say hello as a new user.

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Hello windypup

I am of a similar age to you & have been putting up with ibs for 6 yrs and it is getting worse and as you say more difficult to cope with as you get older. Yes there are some really sad stories, I myself find I am becoming more & more isolated & depressed. I am enquiring about SIBO test, will keep you informed. Wishing you well.

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Hello Synbad,

I am in my 70’s as well, and am finding it a bit hard to cope these days with my IBS & Diverticulitis..

I hardly dare go out walking now, but I loved going for walks...my only exercise ...


Do you get lots of pain with your Ibs?


Yes and no. It depends on something I have no idea about. Is it what I've eaten? Some days it's really bad and others not. Mostly it's the wind and the sudden need to 'go' that's the biggest problem for me. I guess we're all different.


Hi there windypup, agree with you that there are some people much worse off than others and I count myself as being better off than most as although my symptoms are most days they are very mild in comparison to others. I am in my late 50's and have had this now for 22 years. I tend to get the tummy pain and sometimes nausea, I'd rather have the pain than nausea any day though!

Also hello and welcome :)

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Hello Folks,

I am also a 'newbie' and am also in my seventies (73 - just!) and in the last three years I seem to have begun to fall apart at the seams .. I live on my canal boat and still try to live an active life, cruising the English canals constantly - but find myself managing to cover rather less ground than in previous years! Since the millennium I've survived a double bypass, bladder cancer and also had my prostate 'bored out'. Back in the '70s I was diagnosed with Spondylitis/ Arthritis at both ends of my spine, the operation on the top was successful in halting, but not curing, my neuro problems but the bottom was left alone as I was (then) coping on painkillers. I was also diagnosed with IBS which is flaring up a lot more regularly of late and I am presently going through a really bad patch with awful wind after eating, plus lots of watery diarrhoea and, over the last four days, 'faecal incontinence' - two words that I had never seen together previously and which I have found very distressing.

Despite the painkillers I take (twice a day!) I have had a lot of pain emanating from my lower back, a hand size either side of my spine, and more noticeable both before and after evacuating my bowel - which also seems to release a second stream of urine, after which the pain noticeably reduces. I'll also mention that, prior to noticing my 'F.I.' I had begun passing wind when I walked, as each leg swung past the other. Whether others noticed this, or not, *I* certainly heard it :((

Up to 25 years back I was still 100% 'regular' but even that changed and now I'm lucky if I 'go' twice a week and an 18+" stool, expelled at speed, is common as not. I have been having annual inspections of both my bladder and my colon (since they discovered polyps in both about 15 years back ('tho none turned out cancerous)

My apologies for the length, but this is really 'colouring my life' right now <sighs!>€


No apology needed. You are having a harder time than I am, and it p's me off I'll tell you.


Hello MiddleDodW,

I am 73 as well..

I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through, and have been through..

I can sympathise a little bit with your FI, as when I have been to the toilet normally (it’s never normal, as such)..

If I have to go out somewhere I dread it, because the walking seems to trigger me passing a little bit more while walking, so embarrassing ...

I do wish you well...

(I am new here too..)

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