Hi Everyone,

I posted the other day ,regarding having to get up with gut ache and having to go to the loo during the night.    I think the problem was taking a Tumeric supplement . 

It was advertised as helping with IBS symptoms , however, looks like it made my symptoms worse.  Has anyone else tried Tumeric tablets and what was their experience.   I got a really sore stomach ,loads of gas/flatulence and eventually a very urgent BM.

Just interested if anyone else has had a similar experience.


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  • I use Turmeric everyday, with almond milk and pepper, and have no problems. I use turmeric powder and cook it with the almond milk, and use it for my liver. It has no reaction on my IBS positive or negative.

  • Use powder in soup,as anti inflammatory 

  • Yes, i took a turmeric for about three month, it claimed to be anti-imflammatory. But it made me have more bloating & diarrhoea. Its frustrating as i know ot helps some people with IBS, this illness really is trial and error with treatments. I also tried aloe vera, but was awful off it& thats worked for a lot of people too. Never mind, weve got to keep trying. The next thing might work x x

  • Thanks to everyone regarding Turmeric replies.  The supplement I was taking was supposed to be much stronger than the culinary powders used in foods. 

    Basically , as seems to be the normal with IBS, what helps one of us makes someone else worse.


  • i take tumeric in my food and i don't think it effects me one way or another. once, though, i had an orange stool and wondered if it was from the tumeric.    it doesn't happen as more and i'm still on it.

  • Regarding Tumeric tablets does anyone know if they help with constipation?

  • I don't take the tablet form, but I use ground turmeric in a spiced tea most mornings and it helps me.

    To make 2 cups of the spiced tea I mainly use:

    Grated ginger (or ground if I don't have any fresh) - 1 tsp

    Ground turmeric - 1 tsp

    Cayenne pepper - 1/8 tsp

    Ground black pepper 

    Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp

    Sometimes I'll add other spices to vary the taste, and I let the spices brew for 5-10 minutes in a cafeteria before adding the juice of half a lemon to each cup.

    I also take a teaspoon of Terramin Montmorillonite Clay, Edible Minerals, most mornings as soon as I wake up. Then make the spiced tea ready to drink about 30 minutes later, and then wait 30 minutes or so after drinking the tea before eating breakfast. Mid-morning, I'll drink some probiotic milk kefir. For the rest of the day, I'll eat meat and plenty of veg to get all the micronutrients and prebiotic fibre, but avoid gluten and refined foods. I have the odd treat, hence the word 'avoid' and find this works well for me.

  • Thanks Lexby

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