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Hi everyone 😊 

So I am not new to IBS-D as I was diagnosed 6 years ago. However recently I have been suffering from a really major flare (I put it down to worrying about returning to work after 10 months of maternity leave). Anyway my symptoms changed a lot from normal do my GP did a lot of tests to potentially look at IBD - thankfully they all came back normal. Once they did though I almost got the impression the gp was no longer interested and basically told me to take imodium. I went to them as the like of immodium, buscopan, colefac etc weren't working... Anyway I have been back at work now nearly 4 weeks and things are not showing any signs of improving and after 4 months of this I'm fed up!

I've tried FODMAP in the past and found certain foods I can't eat which I avoid all the time and recently had to stop eating red meat for the same reason. Anyway, I'm basically wondering if anyone has any advice of anything that may help ending this miserable flare up! 😣 

Sorry for the long post!! 

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  • Have you tried gluten free, or dairy free?

  • I have tried a gluten free diet & recently rechecked for Celiac and they came back clear. It didn't help either. I limit my dairy intake anyway and drink either oatmilk or lacrofree milk. 

  • Hi there I ended up not being able to eat meat,went on lactose free milk, nearly everything I eat caused my stomach to blow up so I looked 9months pregnant with twins. After nearly 4 years of tests and speci a lists I moved country and went to another specialist who had me diagnosed in 24 hours. I have dysobisis. It's where the food ferments in your stomach then grows bacteria.  I am on a long course of antibiotics designed for the gut only, supplied by the hospital then a course of hospital supplied probiotic. I see an improvement already. Wishing you well

  • Hi Denvajade, I have just read you post from 5 months ago about IBS symptoms and wonder what exactly what sort of antibiotics you took and for how long. I hope you don't mind me asking. I am wondering if I also need a long course of antibiotics to sort my problems out. Also what sort of probiotics were you given? Can you get them without going to hospital. I hope you receive this post. I live in the Uk.

  • Hi there one needs to see a specialist and be diagnosed with Dysbiosis to have this antibiotic specially for the gut, I have improved but not cured. I am going to have a faeces transplant as it is the only way left now.

  • I totally sympathise with you, I've been backwards & forwards to my gp since 16 dec and I had 7 wks with no pain then for no reason I could think of came back, this time my gp made me feel I was wasting her time, she even felt my stomach through  my trousers! I came away vowing I will never go back again and next time I'm worried and in pain I shall go to a. & e, I'm worried it could be ovarian cancer & my mind races away thinking alsorts when I feel rotten, I'm now going to take mebeverine for a month plus keep a pain diary and if I have a bad flare up I shall go to hospital & tell them why I won't go to my gp, we shouldn't have to feel like this. Xx

  • I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time! I thought I'd finally found a compassionate GP but once my results came back stating it wasn't anything more serious it was like she was no longer interested. A diary is a good idea - maybe there is something I'm eating that I've never considered an issue. Can you not see a different gp or even go to out of hours about being referred for a scan if you think it could be more serious. I hope you get sorted soon 😊 x

  • My saviour is silicolgel which is natural and can be taken with other medications if you are taking anything else. I have found this to be the only one that works for my diarrhoea. I took the recommended dosage of 3 tablespoons a day at the start to settle me down and now I take one a day as a maintenance dose (I increase it if I think I'm going into particularly stressful situations). Works for me but as most of us know on here, there's no one size fits all with IBS symptoms and a bit of trial and error. I have previously tried cynara artichoke which worked quite well but not as well as silicolgel. I went out in London last night with a long tube journey of an hour and then ate before a show, sat in the show and travelled back. I wouldn't have contemplated that without taking silicolgel as there are no toilets on the underground, and I'd have worried about what I was eating that might cause a tummy upset and then having to get up and down in the show. As well as normalising my digestive system, just the knowledge that I've taken it definitely helps the psychological battle and lessens the 'what if' aspect of my IBS that can induce a flare up. I hope that helps. I also stay away from drinking red wine when I'm out as that definitely has an effect on my body, but white wine doesn't seem to have the same impact. And so I enjoyed a glass of white wine before the show too! Immodium is great in an emergency but I always found it left me with a digestive hangover - I wouldnt' feel right for a few days really. I still carry an immodium instant just in case I have problems but rarely would use one now. Also, the IBS network has lots of useful advice so it is worth checking out their website if you haven't already. I think they have a helpline too.

  • Thank you so much for your advice. This isn't something I've ever heard of so I will definitely look into it. I think the anxiety of going back to work hasn't helped matters and my lo screaming everytime I take him to nursery 🙈.  I hate going anywhere with no toilets but I also hate using public toilets so to know this helps is good too. I will also look into the ibs network more 

  • You're welcome, I hope you'll find something that helps you. I have posted on my experience before in this forum. I also deal with my stress by 'OM' ing quietly and deep breathing, especially when travelling. It seems to take my mind off the issue and I remind myself that I've not ever had an accident although felt like I would. And so there isn't really anything to be afraid of. It's the stress and fear that I feel manifests my IBS-D and I have to really focus to rationalise. I have two young children and I can imagine how stressful it is dealing with your child being so upset going into nursery. Heart breaking - perhaps you can ask someone else to take your child in on occasion so that you don't have to feel the separation anxiety? And also, I'm sure that any upset lasts just a few moments after you've gone - it's amazing how quickly they are distracted and settle down. Talk to the nursery to see if you can get some reassurance that your child is fine soon after you've gone. Wishing you well.

  • If you believe it is related to stress then you need to address that trigger. IBS is not caused by food and people often ignore the emotional cause of it. If you can look into counselling that would be an option but there are other things that you can try such as Reiki, reflexology, yoga. It's important to find the stress relief that works best for you and stick with it. Good luck. 

  • Stress is the major factor in such gut-related cases. So, if you haven't already taken any steps for stress-management, I would encourage to try natural methods such as meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, etc. I have been dealing with IBS since last 3 years & I found SKY breathing exercise (google it out) very helpful to manage my stress level and eventually minimize IBS symptoms. Fennel helps in relaxing muscle lining in digestive tract, try taking 1 tbsp of fennel and chew it after every meal for few days and see if it helps. Also you can try peppermint oil capsules. You can read my story & you may find something useful:

  • This might sound a little perverse, but in my case diarrhoea, pain, and a severely bloated abdomen was due to extreme constipation. I take morphine as I have an auto immune arthritis, morphine slows the gut. I have been diagnosed with Ibs last year. So in some cases diarrhoea can be severe constipation. Said it was perverse!

  • Try Heathers Tummy Tamers. Follow the direction exactly. First thing in the morning when you wake upis when I take it. It helps more than I ever thought. I'm on Lomotil as needed as well. I have suffered with IBS-D since late eighties. I have a long list of trigger foods to avoid, but still have major  flare ups with anxiety. I started deep bearthing excercises when I can, even in the car.  I just learned to live with it and not allow it to have control over my life. I forgot to say that the Heathers Tummy Tamer is all natual and the ingredients are peppermint, ginger and fennel. Always take on an empty stomach and give it 15 min to settle before eating or drinking. It does help.

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