Hi all, well I'm having the mother of all flare ups I think. I been on antibiotics for a throat infection and my stomach has ballooned to the point I can't breath without effort, Sounds a bit dramatic, but that's how I feel right now, I've also got the worst acid reflux, I just feel like rubbish right now, shaky, horrible taste in my mouth, just uggg. I am on probiotics, lanzaprozal, mebeverine and gaviscon, just don't know what to do next to try and feel better. Any suggestions would be so welcome. Thank you

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  • Try cutting down on carbs. I have started on a new diet called the 'Fast Tract Diet' - I bought the book on kindle cloud reader and downloaded the app and it is really making a difference to me. Previously I followed the low FODMAP diet which helped a great deal, but still gave me symptoms. Google them and see what you think. It's not easy cutting carbs but if you feel as miserable as I was it's worth it. good luck. I was able to stop lansoprazole completely after starting Fast Tract.

  • I cut out grain based carbs a year ago - I don't eat them because they spike my blood sugar and I had developed T2 diabetes because of steroids I was given for arthritis.

    I cut out chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, fizzy diet drinks altogether.

    I eat well now, lots of fish, chicken, green leafy veg, not too much fruit - mainly berries, unsalted raw nuts and seeds plus eggs. I take probiotics too from time to time and always if I have to take antibiotics.

    I got rid of the T2 Diabetes, I lost weight lots of weight and was able to give up omeprazole, which was really good as I felt I was going to be on it forever.

    Too little stomach acid can be a problem too. Look up the symptoms of that.

  • Wow that sounds gud!! I'll try anything

  • For those interested, we have a Fast Tract Diet FB group. Our goal is to help 10 million people get off of drugs with dietary and other holistic solutions. Everyone is welcome to join.

  • You may have Dysbiosis ask for a test. Cut right down on carbs as the bad flora lives on them.

  • It could be the antibiotics. When I take strong antibiotics they cause my IBS to flare up because antibiotics kill the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria, especially in the gut. This is how my IBS started - I was taking strong antibiotics for acne and ended up with an inflamed bowel after 3 months.

  • I am having terrible problem with acid reflux and have been for the past few weeks. I'm on Omprezol (similar to Lanzaprozal) and take mebeverine on the odd occasion that I need it now. I have found that the only way I have been able to get relief from the acid reflux is to cut my food back to a restricted diet. I'm eating porridge with chia seeds, banana, almond milk and a tea spoon of coconut oil in the morning (I put a tiny bit of manuka honey in to sweeten it but not too much as it can be an IBS trigger) That seems to really help soothe things in the morning. Coconut oil is supposed to really help and I have found it does so far. I have then been eating small portions of either fish, tofu or eggs, mashed, boiled or baked potato, steamed broccoli and carrots at lunchtime and in the evening and nothing after 3 hours before bedtime. Also at least 1.5 litres of still water a day. I've cut out alcohol, chocolate, cheese, tea, sugar, onion, garlic, tomatoes and citrus fruits (I don't drink coffee, pop, but would avoid those too) It's a bit of a pain but it seems to really help. I had a glass of wine at the weekend and was in so much pain again. I'm hoping that by allowing myself time to heal I will ok to eat more normally again over Christmas. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Aloe vera can help....!!! But a good one that hasn't been watered down.

  • Aloe Vera can help!!! But a good one that hasn't been watered down....

  • I use caiin. & morphine & suck mints wen i gt the 'flareup' . It's he'll isn't it & worst of all we have to ride it thro. Don't eat anythin after 6 . I have found less carbo's more protein drinks helps . think it's the worst complaint to have ever.

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