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IBS nightmare

I suffer with Fibromyalgia for 40 years ( now 65 ) and I have ibs since last year . I was dealing with it well until I was informed I also had a urine infection with some blood . The doctor put me on a two weeks of antibiotics and now I have severe mucus and blood in my stools . I have also received shortec pain killers for lower back pain and 200mg of trimethoprim antibiotic, 2 per day for the infection .

Having the mucus and blood and running to the loo my doctor has now taken me off the antibiotic which was almost at an end . I did report after the first week to another doctor that the pills were having a side affect , but was informed to finish to course .

I was also given colofac which caused constipation and then went onto fybrogel powder, to be taken twice per to allow a balance need to go to the loo.

The problem seems to be with the antibiotic and the cock tail mix of other medicines . I feel the main issue today is that the surgery I attend you can never get the same doctor out of 8 in the practise .

Has anyone any suggestion on immediate self help that I could consider . I have provided a stool sample and await the result. The doctor feel that the antibiotics has caused some for of gastroenteritis issue similar to food poisoning effect . Any feed back on self help with the ibs would be appreciated.

I do agree with others in this forum , that on some visits to the doctor, and I appreciate they are busy. However , they react before reading your history of health issues hence pill pushing options.


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Hi BlueAir... oh dear...here's hoping it all clears up soon. It is not unusual to have blood in your urine...depending upon the severity of the UTI...and antibiotics can really play havoc with your system... and yes, blood and mucos in stool CAN be a result of this Rx....

One of the biggest problems is taking antibiotics on an empty stomach (at least for most of them)... Hopefully since you are now off of them, some of the problems will gradually disappear, but it might take a bit of time.

Antibiotics are also atrocious for causing constipation....and so stopping that Rx should help soon, too. I take it you had IBS-d before??? or has it always been IBS-c???



Cranberry,barley water,frequent knicker change,cleanse only with water



I would give a probiotic tablet a try antibiotics really upset the stomach especially a long dose like you have been taking,the probiotic will help the good bacteria in your gut which will have had all the good bacteria wiped out by the antibiotics.Also there's a natural remedy for uti's called sweetcures waterfall I have found it works after have 4 uti's one after another,so it might help you.

All the best treez


Hi bless you I also suffer with fibromyalgia and depression , was wondering how many of us suffering have this with Ibs , how do you manage to control your fibro? Most of the time I am depressed in pain with no energy , I have a young child so try my best to 'carry on ' any feed back would be greatly appreciated,Drs don't seem to helpful or is there much they can do anyway?


Hi Blueair,I'm with you all the way on GPs,not looking at your problems properly.

Like you I have IBS plus a mountain of other health issues,But IBS I've had for 12-13yrs

I also have Emphesema so over time had a lot of antibiotics,and they absolutely kill me.I suffer IBS pain daily,so if I have to have antibiotics for any reason I try and avoid them. Recently I had a chest infection and I got away with having no antibiotics by drinking warm lemon and honey,I thought great. Then a few weeks ago I was told I had a water infection,no way out of it,I had to have antibiotics, because unbeknown to me I've had this since December 14th when it was picked up,and due to GP incompetents it has obviously advanced.Ive just finished them,and fingers crossed that's it,I've been in agony for the last 7days. When someone on here told you about Waterfall I went to try that. But it depends on how severe the UTI is.

My suggestion to you would be to try now what I'm giving a go,Kefir milk,yogurt,or water,which puts the good bacteria in,well that's the theory anyway.

I'm a little bit older than you,but I've had this same problem for years.

I hope any of that has been of any help. Just to say this is the first UTI I've ever had.


Hi if you got fibromyalgia, you have leaky gut so follow steps to heal it.

if one has leaky gut they can get anything so other auto immunes illnesses etc


Amino acids like l glutamine etc heals the gut etc and any supps on that link you would need to read up on interactions with any meds you on

Ideally you want a diet that covers all nutrients needed in a day so like bant/

eat the rainbow

2l of filtered water daily

If ever on antibiotics then take a probiotic that says on it, for use with antibiotics

I always say food intolerance test (£50) to remove any invaders while healing

Anyone with auto immunes etc will have to follow a plan to heal leaky gut If they wanna get better

Start any supplements low and build up slowly so body has time to adjust

L glutamine, digestive enzymes etc are what helps the digestive tract heal

good diet and no invaders going in x


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