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I was diagnoses with IBS last year and STILL can't seem to get it right. Can I still be bloated from something I ate 2 days ago? because I think I ate ok today but am bloated. Also, isn't IBS a result of SIBO? I am seriously thinking of going on the antibiotic rifaximin that cures SIBO. Has anyone taken it? Wouldn't doing that and taking a probiotic clear up IBS? I used to be able to eat raw onions and garlic and peaches and not have any problems. So tired of being bloated and tired.

Any advice? thanks!

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  • Hi IBS is a condition you will have to manage long term. Have you looked at FODMAP for the different foods that can cause problems? Different foods can cause symptoms and I do think there can be a delay in those symptoms. I don't know much about SIBO but you can give a stool sample for testing they can look at the bacteria levels. Have you had any other tests? X

  • be a bit cautious in taking the antibiotics ,i have just taken a quadruple therapy and it is taking weeks to get back to the state i was in prior to taking them!!! wish i never had,good luck and as Nicki1984 says try the diet first

  • Agree with jlat re the antibiotics as they can cause all sorts of issues. Also agree with Nicki1984 as diet plays a very big part in IBS and that the FODMAP diet is definitely worth considering as there are many people on here that feel so much better after following that. I have been bloated and in pain several days a week lately and I think that mine is connected to caffeine and possibly dairy - these are two of the possible culprits. I also cannot go anywhere near raw carrots or onions, I love them both but I am in agony if I eat them; I am also the same with sweetcorn. I can tolerate broccoli maybe once/twice a fortnight but that's all and I also haven't eaten cauliflower for a very long time.

    Very best of luck to you.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    You can still be bloated from something you ate days ago, or the knock on effects od digesting it badly.

    IBS isn't always the result of SIBO, but it can be (or related to Candida, another form of dysbiosis).

    This article of mine looks at the usual symptoms of each, so you can see if they fit your symptoms: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...


  • Can you decide whether to take Rifaximin? Some people have brilliant results after taking it but I think you might have to have SIBO confirmed before you can have it prescribed. Not all IBS is caused by SIBO.

  • I have been researching IBS and Diverticulitis and yesterday I discovered information about Rifaximin for SIBO. I watched a talk by David A. Johnson, MD from East Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. This is the first time I had ever heard of taking antibiotics for IBS related problems so I was really surprised to see your post asking about Rifaximin, what a co-incidence, Cherylpv! I suffered with chronic diahorrea all last year and it was diagnosed as Diverticulitis and have taken many courses of antibiotics over the last 18 months but about a month ago whilst I was taking Metronizadole and Trimethoprim (together) I developed such a bad back and felt so ill I came off them. Ever since then I've been really ill with different stomach pains and bloating and end up in bed most afternoons as my stomach feels so heavy and uncomfortable and I am completely knocked out and exhausted. Thank goodness I am retired as I cannot do anything much at all now. I am on a very low fiber diet to try and stop a flare up of diverticulitis but am now really constipated as I am scared to eat any fruit only bananas and I dare not eat vegetables at all. I am wondering if all the antibiotics I took caused these latest problems with bloating and feeling so ill.

    I live in the UK, do they test for SIBO on the NHS or privately does anyone know? and also are we able to get Rifaximin here in the UK?

    I've been ill for so long with my stomach and feeling that I will never be able to live a normal life again. This is such a complicated problem, I really am at a loss as to know what to do. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.-

  • Hello, I have been researching a lot about sibo recently and I too am from the UK, England. I don't think the NHS tests for it ,from what I've seen, you will have to go private if you are to get a diagnosis and pay for treatment which unfortunately is very expensive. Maybe try some herbals instead and a low fodmap diet? I know this is such a pain, stay strong and you will get back to good health. X

  • Hi Dylan, many thanks for replying. There are so many of us struggling with all this pain. I am on a low fibre diet at the moment as high fibre was too agressive. I'll keep plodding along and have a look at the low fodmap diet. I'm willing to try just about anything to try and get things under control. I hope you are able to sort out your problems too and also regain your health once more. Good luck and thanks again xx

  • Thanks Dylan. I seem to not be able to escape Fodmaps. It is hard to be really strict on this diet. But I guess if I want to feel better that is what I have to do. I have been pretty good about not eating gluten and feel better, but onions, garlic and other fodmaps are in just about everything...uggg! :(

  • Hi there. If you took a lot of antibiotics I think taking probiotics should be high on your list. I need to start taking them too....I want to buy a high quality one and they are expensive but I should make that a priority since I am tired of being bloated all the time.

    I know what you mean about being afraid to eat veggies and fruit. I hate to cook and eat out a lot, and even if I think I am being careful I still end up eating something that is wrong. I don't know....I am seriously thinking of that antibiotic.

    Not sure what I am going to do yet.

    Thanks to you too! :)

  • Hi again Cheryl, I started taking a probiotic when I was taking the antibitoics early in May and have carried on but I really don't think they are doing much good to be honest but I will keep taking them. They are called Acidophilus Extra 10 and contain 10 billion live bacteria per capsule and cost nearly £20 for 60 capsules. (not sure if I can name the company where I got them from). I am going to keep taking them for a while, I do think they help if you have diahorrea when taking antibitoics, that's one thing I have noticed. It's certainly worth a try, I'm sure they won't do any harm. We are all in such a muddle, it's a nightmare for sure. Good luck and hope you get some relief soon.

  • I have found Kefir and Kambucha to of made a huge difference to my symptoms :) and being strict on the low fodmap diet

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