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Pain for 3 years

Hey everyone :) hope you are all well

I'm kind of asking around for advice on this because I'm getting increasingly concerned and seem to be getting no where with my gp

I need a little bit of advice or guidance really you see I have had constant lower right quadtrant pain for three years now

It is in the area of my appendix, pelvis area or possibly bladder area sort of near my right hip little bit above and pressing into my bikini line slightly

It is a throbbing pain if i iritate it by moving in certain ways such as sitting up from laying down or stretching or turning over in bed

If i press on the area it is a sharp pain

If i press on the left side of my tummy it causes the sharp pain in the affected area on the right side

If i take in a deep breath and my tummy expands it causes the pain !

Sex also makes the pain worse

My original GP diagnosed IBS, she then left the surgery and I went to a new gp who thought endometriosis

So my first investigation was a laporoscopy which they removed my appendix just incase it was that but the appendix was fine and it was not endometriosis and the pain continued

I then had a colonoscopy and proctitis was diagnosed but I was told not the cause of the pain

I then had a transvaginal ultrasound which was clear

I had an mri of my spine which was normal

This GP left and I went to a new GP who said the tests are done nothing is there but i have to live with this pain and i am worried they have missed something and it is cancer :(

This pain tugs and pulls at me and is stabbing when irratated but worse of all it is constant it does not ease at all

I do suffer from constipation but not all the time and this pain is everyday none stop

I am at the end of my tether and quite worried

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any guidance on what I should do next would be greatly appreciated :)

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Although none of us on here are medical experts I would say that given you've suffered from the pain for the last three years it probably isn't cancer.

It could be IBS and I assume you've had the blood tests to rule out other illnesses like inflammation and coeliac disease. And, to be honest, these would probably have been picked up during your colonoscopy, too.

I'm surprised you have the pain ALL the time, though. I wonder if anyone else on here has had the same problem. Most of us find that the pain comes and goes. Regardless of whether or not this is caused by IBS I don't think it is acceptable for your GP to simply say live with it. I'd like him or her to at least give you a little advice on how to manage the pain and suggest different medications to manage it or refer you to a hospital specialist instead.

If you want to explore ways you could treat your symptoms if they are caused by IBS, I'm sure lots of people on here will have advice to offer. But I'd also say go back to your GP, or ask to see a different one who is more sympathetic to your predicament.


Thank you for your advice I actually have an appointment with a new GP so fingers crossed

Oh it is 24/7 never ceases, I have rheumatoid arthritis and I take oramorph for the pain caused by that and even the oramorph does not touch it. Nothing helps it

It's not normal and it is quite frightening, I haven't had the coeliac blood test, I have had my full blood count, inflammatory activity, liver and kidney function blood tests that's all

I have stopped eating bread, chocolate and cheese, seven months now and it made no difference

I'm very much at a loss :(



I get pain in RHS Groin/Appendix area but not all the time. have you ever tried the fodmap diet for 2 weeks. common pain triggers for ibs are any wheat, any dairy,onions,prawns, Mushrooms,fizzy drinks.

iv been better since cutting back on tea and nearly nil wheat. nuts can be a problem too and also fruit peelings,green veg and tomatoes.

i doubt you have cancer and anxiety about this is likely to be causing constant pain as well as food issues. im struggling today with ibs,

mild D but pain in rhs n bottom , finding buscopan helping but need to rest really .trouble is im at work.

i think too much homemade cakes Saturday-couldn't resist and will have been wheat flour .artifical sweetners are a common cause too.

fear i was a bit lazy checking out mint mousse i had Sunday.

hope something on here helps and you soon feel better.



Yep to quote my Dr.... If it was bad you would already be dead. I love that guy.

I have found that my pain seems to be mostly gas related as it moves the pain can be very sharp to mild to spells of dizziness that might or might not be Vegas nerve related.

I also get really bad lower back pain that seems to also be related to gas. Sadly I think I have lived with gas and bloating for so long I do not even know what not being full of gas is like. And hence why IBS style symptoms are so hard to narrow down.

I have found that constipation or varying levels of loose stool makes everything worse along with incomplete bowel emptying. Meaning instead of having a single movement you basically have small ones in a row in a set time frame or massive blowouts that lead to an entirely empty system that then feels awful.

Have you experimented with anti gas medications or dietary fibers or probiotics?


Yeah I've tried antigas meds and probiotics nothing seems to help

I was diagnosed with Proctitis but they told me it wouldn't cause pain in that region

I am starting to think it might actually be my Proctitis


I have endured an ache, itch and pain under my ribs on the right side. at times the itch reaches into the right side of the back. i have seen gynocs, urologists, kidney drs. gps, gastros. i have had ultra sounds. In the search, i found out i had bladder cancer, but i don't think these symptoms have anything to do with the bladder cancer. One doc says it's post hepatic shingles, another gas, another exercises done incorrectly. i have duodinitis and GERD and first stage erosion of the esophagus. but none of this seems related.

i have had these symptoms for years and tried everything. Nothing works.

Your symptoms are in a different location from mine but you have the same type of persistence and mystery

I think mine may be related to exercises gone wrong. Are you exercising excessively or lifting weights?

A CScan or MRI of the affected area might be helpful, but then with the CScan you get a lot of radiation. Doc don't write prescriptions for MRI's easily, but it might show more. Don't ignore the bladder.

I don't know what else to say. Keep asking.

You're not alone.


I would wholeheartedly agree with patientj in that as you have suffered for the last 3 years with the pain then it's probably not cancer. I really feel for you though as how dare any doctor say 'you have to live with the pain', if they haven't suffered with IBS or anything similar then how do they know!

I get pain fairly frequently and sometimes suffer with some periods worse than others i.e. recently I had a spell lasting around 2 1/2 to 3 weeks where I was constipated and suffered the pain which wouldn't go no matter how many Buscupan tablets I took. Buscupan normally works with me to get rid of the pain - nothing seems to get rid of the bloating. I had an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and it certainly sounds like you need more tests as I have never suffered with the continual pain that you are suffering.

I'm glad you are seeing a new doctor but it certainly may be worth looking for a practitioner nearby that specialises in alternative medicines as they sometimes have more understanding. I used to have two doctors, one dealt with normal medicines and the other one dealt with alternative and normal medicines but unfortunately the alternative therapist left.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope this gets sorted very soon for you.

Take care


hi, I have pain low down on my right hand side almost feels like it is in the crease of my leg it can throb, it can be sharp or dull and is on and off, it can go over my hip feel like its in my back and the top of my right leg aches also it goes along the bottom of my tummy making it feel weak, i too thought it was my appendix but the doctor said it isn't, just had full bloods, stool sample, urine test, internal and also booked in for a scan next week all clear so far apart from recovering from a kidney infection. the doctor said yesterday if scan is all clear then it will be put down to my bowels (ibs)


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