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Pain related to ibs?

Ok so I have been diagnosed with ibs . First pain in left hip region . Pretty sure it was due to lack of fibre and emptying out completely . So started on heaps of fruit three weeks later pain gone . How long who knows . Now pain in upper right side just below rib cage . This pain is somewhat sharp on and off. Not hurting when I press down . Comes and go . Seeing gastro dr soon. Anyone else get it.

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Sounds like it could be where your ascending colon kinks & becomes transverse.  I get this a lot & also at the other side where the transverse becomes descending colon.  It can be excruciating at times.  On talking to my doctor & researching things I am now cutting down on fibre as this can cause more gas than is needed & when this gets trapped at these kinks it can cause this pain.  This is a very simplified explanation but it does seem to be working for me.  Perhaps you are having a bit too much fruit especially those with skins.  Peel things if you can.  Look up Splenic & Hepatic Flexures.


Ok I see gastro dr in three weeks . Last time I saw me which was two months ago he wanted to me increase my fibre intake . 


I know what you mean.  I find its a case of finding a happy medium.  I used to eat loads of grapes & snack on sugar snap peas but now I've cut that out.  Its difficult to peel grapes but I do peel apples, pears, plums, peaches etc as the skins are often the worse culprits.  Drinking loads of water helps too. I also take a probiotic daily now which I think is helping. I also find that massaging the colon area helps things too.  I do have a scientific background so this things through very logically!  Good luck.


I had the same symptoms. My gastroenterologist explained that they were caused by spasms in the colon, hence the old definition of IBS being "spastic colon". I'm fairly certain that the cause of my IBS was an intolerance to red wine drunk in large quantities.

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Just wish I could drink red wine these days.  Unfortunately it sets off my heartburn as well.   I can manage white wine & champagne / prosecco though! I do also take Mebeverine &, if necessary Buscopan. Both of these are anti-spasmodics.  I have to take the Mebeverine regularly as sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to work properly but my GP says that Buscopan is like Paracetamol for the GI Tract.  It can be taken when needed & works quickly.


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