Exssevie gass after eating

Hi i have been having trouble with exssevive foul smelling gas(painful traped wind/cramps) after eating what can i do to stop this from happing

I am already taking a good quality probiotic called Symprove (claims to be good for ibs) i have cut out beans and most veg and fried foods,spicy foods

I exersisie everyday drink plenty of water

Not sure what i else i can do

I have have a a few colonoscopys proformed,an endoscopy, nothing found

But i am in pain most days after eating, the doctors have told me it must be ibs

I have been presscibed lost of diffrent anti spassmoeds (melverine etc)none have worked, please help me i dont know what else i can do to control the exsseve trapped foul smelling wind

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  • Sounds like IBS, certainly worth following the diet to see if it helps. Do you know if you are worse if you have dairy and gluten ?

  • Try the FODMAP diet. There is a lot of information on the internet and on this site.

  • I had that and was advised to cut out dairy. I havd goats milk and cheese instead. Much improved!

  • Try the low fodmap diet. Also, have a look at this. It's an article discussing food combining, I think it will help you


  • I would suggest asking your doctor to test you for SIBo and Candida. This could save you a lot of time and pain. More info on this: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...


  • Make sure you aren't having veggies like cabbage or broccholi and they contributes to wind and maybe too much fruit.

    I could get a medal for my wind - especially first thing in the morning - maybe I swallow air during the night?

    When eating try eating slower it may help? Cheers.

    ps i read recently that passing wind is healthy - not passing wind at all is not.

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