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Any ideas how to deal with changes in ibs?


I have had ibs c for 9 years now, i rarely got ibs d. Over the past two weeks this has all changed! Im at my wits end. I started to get cramping in my tum, which i never got before, straining was my thing! Then i got diahorrea alternating with constipation. Now its diahorrea daily!! I was shopping with my daughter and grandson a few days ago and to my horror i had an 'accident'. It was very upsetting. I went to to the doc on friday and he said it was all ibs symptoms, he checked my tum etc. He put me on buscopan for the cramps and they did help, but the ibs d is no better. I was aware that cramps were part of ibs, but i never experienced them before. Did any of you have a change from c to d like this? Its almost like a long lasting tummy bug! Its really bothering me and i guess im just looking for consolation at the moment. The foods which i could eat with ibs c are just going through my system now. ANY help would be so much appreciated. Many thanks, Nanabud

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Hi do you have any other 'symptoms' ie. Tingling hands, feet or tinnitus. Check out b12 deficiency if you do, as i found that i had the same tummy issues as yourself, it could be connected. Apparently older women seem to suffer this peri and post menopausal.( not that im deliberately aging you)

nanabud in reply to Lisahelen

Thank you lisahelen, yes i do have ringing in my ears, ive had it for about a year but did'nt mention it to doc! I will do so next time i go and will get bloods done to check for deficiency. No probs re age, im 61 so im in the age bracket by the sounds of it. Its good to know im not alone in this new ibs change, many thanks

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Thanks for this tip as , although I manage my IBS-D very successfully, nobody has ever mentioned the vit B12 thing, so have now asked for a test.

Hi So sorry for your problems but i think its just how ibs can alter its course, you go through a stage when you think you have cracked it and

next thing is, you have another type of problem. Ive had ibs for years and

what you describe is typical. Maybe increasing your fibre intake, I find

oats particularly helpful, in all their various forms. I have a problem caused

by straining, so avoid that at all costs. I was unable to venture out for fear of "accidents" and found oats to be one of the things that helped me.

I also take Organic Apple Cider Vineger and find that most helpful, but you

have to try these things for yourself, unfortunately one size doesnt fit all.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks Shirlygirly. Its a shock to the system, as, like u said, you accept the symptoms you have, then it all changes!! I will take on board your suggestions as i dont want to have the extra worry about having an 'accident' when im out! It will be trial and error all over again for me. I appreciate your response, thank u.

Ahh shoot. Sorry to hear you had an accident - I've had a few in my time. Try not to be too upset or embarrassed about it. It's tough and it sucks.

You might need to start experimenting with foods again to see what could be triggering you.

If I'm anxious about a future accident it makes things worse, so sometimes I'll wear a diaper just in case. I've never soiled myself in one, but it's almost like a psychological aid.

Also pack an emergency kit with a change of clothes and some wipes for your car, work, wherever you need.

I've also had a few close calls that I've mentally helped myself through with mantras. I started using them for running but they also might help when you're urgently looking for the loo. Repeat in your head something soothing over and over, like 'this too shall pass'. It helps to focus your mind on something else and its bought me precious time when I need an urgent bowel movement.

Hopefully you get things sorted out in short order.

nanabud in reply to runswithdogs

Cheers for that runwithdogs! I will get diapers tomorrow, my daughter and me were just talking about that earlier, we did have a good laugh though. I always carry wipes but now it will have to b a change of clothes too, i suppose i need to see the funny side of it to cope well! This forum is brilliant. Thank you

runswithdogs in reply to nanabud

I find the forum helps to know you're not alone. And I personally need to have a sense of humour about my IBS - helps if you can laugh at things. Though its never funny at the time :)

I used to have cramping in my intestines sometimes back, even I couldn't sleep at nights. (not sure if its the same case with you) I tried peppermint oil capsules and probiotics & I can feel that soothing calming effects in my intestines. I also take psyllium husk powder at night before going to bed, which helps to clear the colon.

Hope you feel better soon :)

Thank you. Im going to try all thats been suggested here. What a lovely bunch of caring people you all are, its so nice to be able to say it like it is and know that you all 'get it'. Its lifted my flagging spirits today. Thank you all xx


Hi There Nanabud. Do try the organic cider vinegar (Braggs - Amazon) I take a couple of teaspoons in warm water before food. It's brilliant. I have found when I get IBS D I increase my fibre and it improves. If you feel that a 'bout' is coming on before you go out. Take an imodium capsule. It stos D in it's tracks. I never go anywhere with some in my bag. Good luck. Let us know how you go on.


I thought your ibs was ok now with taking phenergan ?

Hey there,

Rotten isn't it having IBS. But you're not alone. We can all relate to how you are feeling.... You do gave to find meds that help you individually... Also take peppermint oil n probiotics n also found baby med. for colic helpful.

Yes, I always need the loo when I'm out walking. Seems to bring the urge on then it's an emergency call.

If travelling say going on holiday n have flight ahead of me, I will take an Imodium or similiar the night before to keep everything in check !

Does take me 3-4 days to get things moving again , although that's not a bad thing !!

Hope it improves, will look out for your posts.

Good luck.

Poppygirl and villages 2.

Thank you for your replies. I will keep u all updated. Your support and encouragement have meant a lot to me. Best wishes to all on here and although theres no cure for ibs as yet, it has proved there are many wonderful caring people out there. xx

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