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Ibs returned to normal again!!

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Hi all, i posted here a few weeks ago re my ibs c changing to ibs d and having 'accidents'. Well it appears it has gone back to ibs c which ive mainly always had. There were a lot of helpful replies, but what really turned it around for me was a poster who suggested baby colic or gripe water. Its has been just brilliant for the cramps and gas, it truly helped me, the diahorrea stopped as well. Thank u all for your input but huge thanks to the poster who suggested the gripe water. I do hope it helps others with similar problems. Thanks, Nanabud

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Great news. It's good when your gut returns to normal and settles down. You feel so better better and IBSc is so much easier than IBSd to manage. Hope the gripe water continues to work. Happy Christmas!

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Thanks Poppygirl, im doing great so far. Fingers crossed it continues, we all know on here how our 'cures' can be short lived, but its a welcome relief at the moment. I agree ibs c is easier than ibs d having experienced ibs d recently. None of them are nice but its great to be able to share on here. Happy Xmas to you too Poppygirl, i hope its a great one. Nanabud

So glad you found something that works. I think it shows how many solutions there are that work and there appears to be no single remedy. Hope you improve.

Gripe Water, who would have thought, fantastic it has worked for you.

Hey there Nanabud,

Think it wos me who suggested the baby colic/gripe water !!

So pleased it has helped you.

Who would have thought something as simple as a baby remedy could sort things out for you !

Always use this when I have bad stomach aches that last for days .

You take care. Villages2.

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nanabud in reply to villages2

Hi villages, yes it was you, my internet was playing up last nite so i could'nt check. THANK YOU soo much, it is even helping with my ibs c as well. I told my chemist it was for me and how it was helping my ibs and he said he would mention it to other sufferers, so hopefully many others will get the benefit too. Its amazing that a baby product has been so helpful, who would have thought it!! Many thanks again n best wishes for xmas. A very grateful Nanabud x

Do you think it would help with IBS/C. Where do you get it?

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nanabud in reply to jenny89119

Hi Jenny, yes it is helping with my ibs c, its very gentle on the tummy. You can get it in most chemists, its not like the old gripe water as that has been discontinued, the one i get is called PHARMONY gripe water, i tried colic drops but not as effective as the gripe water. Hope it helps you, let me know how u get on. Nanabud

Thank your! I looked on line and found a product called: Colic Calm. It has all natural ingredients. I will let you know how it works.

Hi Nanabud,

Is gripe water will work for IBS-C also? Can an adult people take this gripe water for IBS-C 0r D? please advise the dosages of gripe water.

Thank you, Happy Christmas

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