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Hi everyone. I suffer terribly with constipation and have IBS. I know people usually put it the other way around, but my constipation is far worse than my IBS. I know what not to eat so that I don't bloat up and have IBS problems, but my constipation is something that I just cannot get on top of. Even having a cup of tea which contains senna does not always doe the trick. So, it is interesting reading all the topics and conversations going on here.

This was just to say hi, and pleased to have found this site.

29 Replies
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Hi , welcome. It was a lifeline for me as I can talk openly to people that understand. Have you been to a doctor? They might be able to prescribe something stronger. I know fibre aids having constipation. With me Fibre makes it worse so I try to avoid it.

I am much more relaxed knowing I can write my thoughts down and people offer some great advice. this address into Google)

Take a read of this should help. It helped me.

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kimhp in reply to JulieWhiting1994

Thanks for your comments Julie. I have been to a gastro specialist who gave me sorbitol(?!) and a granules to take which haven't helped much. Yup, fibre is a killer for me - sets my IBS off. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

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JulieWhiting1994 in reply to kimhp

No problem. That is good. I have found for me personally drinking lacto free milk has helped and it has improved when I get a flare up unlike before. I get stomach pains before so I can expect it the next day unfortunately. I can now go out during a flare up.

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Hello! It's always great to speak with someone that suffers in the same way as me. My constipation is chronic and much worse than my ibs. Have you always had IBS-C? I find that the more regularly I do a "flush" the better my bowel works. In saying this it doesn't work the way a normal bowel should but at least provides some relief.

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I had it with constipation for the first 5 years and then all of a sudden it changed overnight to diarrhoea. I know how awful the constipation can be. If I was in the house on my own I used to take the phone with me to the toilet because I worried I would take a heart attack! I used to take Senna to keeping regular and lactulose each night too. Also took Andrews and Califig too which all helped to some extent but sometimes it took all of the above together! Good luck!

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kimhp in reply to bella1999

Hi bella1999, thanks for this. I wonder which is worse - constipation or diarrhoea?? I see a lot of talk about magnesium on various sites, so am going to try that.

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gillydevan in reply to bella1999

HI, my name is Gill I have just discovered this group, I have had IBS foe many many years, more about spasmodic pain in my right hand side, and going frequently, just lately it has swithced to constipation, terrible loud gas and passing mucus before going, and now lots a real strain. I take Buscopan but doesnt really do much for the spasms in my RHS, feels a bit like a period type muscle pain contaction and aslo like its sore. Anyway going for a galbllader scan and another colonoscopy.

Anyone else had similar?

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I have a constipation problem too, I find that Glycerine suppositories are the answer for me.

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kimhp in reply to babst

Hi Babst, thanks. I have tried the glycerine suppositories without much luck!

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DTH123 in reply to kimhp

I would recommend Micralax or Relaxit mini-enemas in preference to glycerin suppositories. They only contain 5ml of liquid, are far easier to administer and act much quicker. If you are embarrassed to ask for them you can order them from online pharmacies.

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Prunes figs and undisputed orange juice

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kimhp in reply to MaggieJemima

Hi MaggieJemima - thanks for this. I don't drink fruit juice due to the high fructose level, but am going to try prunes and figs. They still contain fructose, but don't think too bad. My system does not cope with fructose well - sets off the IBS.

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I get bloating and constipation it used to be the other way round . This week I have had a bad flare up very painful tummy and under ribs found it hard to get comfortable especially trying to go to sleep had some laxative meds from doc which worked the next day but made me loose so I have not been to work hopefully going back Monday . My body bloats and seems to hang onto air/gas it is very frustrating not having control I have had two doses of laxative two days only been effective once . Not sure how long I should take meds as you don't know when they will work . I have been told to cut out wheat products and drink mint tea which I am now getting used to . Today has been a better day but not completely pain free

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kimhp in reply to Penny6412

Sorry for your symptoms Penny. I had pains under ribs going through to my back and was convinced it was my gall bladder. Went for scans etc and that is when they diagnosed IBS. I find not eating fibre helps. My diet consists of roast chicken and boiled green beans and zucchini/courgette!

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Penny6412 in reply to kimhp

Thanks Kim I am testing out various foods to see what suits we do eat a lot of chicken I think latest episode could have been triggered by broccoli one of my favourites

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Penny6412 in reply to Penny6412

Broccoli was probably my trigger too I have reluctantly given it up as doc thinks that's what caused my last flare up and I want to avoid that happening again

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margaret37 in reply to Penny6412

hi Penny6412-I also get bloating and constipation dont get a flare up often but the last fortnight has been hell,pain under left breast ,constant gurgling which moves around,stomach pain and cramps feeling very anxious as ive had ibs for the last 15years but never for so long before.just cant get rid of the wind, wish i could fart for a week to see if that works .

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94444 in reply to margaret37

Hi I am just like you right now wishing could get rid of this wind! when i do such relief. thinking today's performance cos eaten too much too quickly. I air swallow I know and am a very anxious person. I rush inwardly and outwardly .am working on this an d i have been like this all my life.Certain foods do not help and I suspect onions and think will try no bread cos haven't tried that and do eat quite a lot. Do you find some foods cause more probs?also i feel as if the wind hits abrick wall when i try to pass it but if i sit or lie down its worse. Minefield really isn't it? massaging my stomach can help and am better standing. I do keep a food diary and i eat a lot of fibre which i beginning to think might be too much. Also i can go great for days at a time withnormal bowels and then back to marbles and wind again!! T! his episode started while i was waiting to hear if my daughters cancer check up was OK. It was Thank God but then had visitors and was so busy so got stresssed. So abit moany and tired looking for answers. Perhaps we could get a farty party going or not as the case maybe! Yep a good fart sounds like heaven. good luck and if I find any answers will let you know. so sorry to go on.

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I suffer from constipation don't know what's worse constipation or diarrhoea.

Sometimes a particular food gives me diarrhoea then when I have it another time it doesn't.I never know what to expect.

I use glycerine supp they work well sometimes.Its just trial and error for me.Sometimes I can take maximum senokot and it works sometimes it doesn't

That's how I go on.I think you just have accept what you have.Very hard though

Good luck

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Do you take senna daily I tryed it when I had cramps it helped me go but eating fruit and veg drinking more water has not produced a natural bowel movement since last fri is this something to be concerned about I will probably take dulcolax tonight

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I went to see a phyto Dr the other day, and he has given me something which seems to be doing the trick. Peel and apple and throw away the skin. Then peel the flesh of the apple, add it to chopped banana and a chopped kiwi fruit. Leave it to oxidise for about 10-15 minutes and eat. I add some ground flaxseed to this as well. It has got things moving!

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Di-Mc in reply to kimhp

Will definitely give that a go Kim !

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This sounds like me, I have IBS-C but the constipation side is severe. I had a transit test done some years ago (where you swallow a pill on successive days with little markers inside) and stay off laxatives for a week. After a week nearly ALL of the markers were still inside me and a lot of them hadn't even reached the bottom! This type of constipation is called slow transit constipation. What helps for me is not eating too much fibre, a cup of strong coffee in the morning, some gentle exercise and eating little and often. Unfortunately I'll probably be on laxatives for the rest of my life but have been told by my GP that this is preferable to the terrible constipation I suffer with.

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Sorry for your problems Motoe, I have found that drinking tea that contains senna once a week, gives me a good clean out. Not sure where you live but when I was visiting the USA last month, a friend gave me a lot of tea bags called smooth move - the are great. Good luck.

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Yes, I've heard of Smooth Move, think we can get them in Holland and Barrett. Funnily enough I've never tried Senna but Bisacodyl's working for me at the moment. Unfortunately I have to take one tablet every day but trying to reduce it. Have a feeling it's the stimulant laxatives causing most of the pain!

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kimhp in reply to motoe

Yes, not good to have to take laxatives all the time. Give the tea a try - it is natural, so shouldn't have any side effects. Only thing, don't have any appointments or anywhere to go in the morning after drinking the tea! :-)

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Very nice article I like this article that is is about to constipation.

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I have been diagnosed with Chronic IBS and chronic constipation and slow transit. I have a prolapse and they wont operate until they can get my digestive system working properly as they said the op wont work and it could happen again. I was supposed to be having the prolapse operated on as well as a delormes procedure but they have decided to hold back and see how I go with a drug called Linaclotide. Has anyone else had this issue. I can be out and because Im so blocked walking around can often lead to an accident. My stools can bypass the blockage and Im left trying to find somewhere to change. I have to take a change of clothes with me or sometimes wear a plug and its so embarrassing and the plugs can make me sore. anyone had similar issues and if so what has your consultant done about it. I was all ready for having the ops until another consultant in the board meeting advised my consultant to try this Linaclotide so I was quite deflated. Its having an effect on my personal life and I dont know what to do.

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Hi, I have also recently found this site too. I have suffered for over 17years (am 34 now). I get horrific constipation, I would wake up on the bath room floor from passing out with the pain. For the 17 years I have taken movicol from 1 a day to start but over the years have had to go to 4 a day with 8 a day on a weekend just to get some relief. I decided enough was enough and booked into have a colonic and also see a gp as I couldn’t live with it no more. Waking up in pain and going to sleep with pain. Through the colonic I have discovered I have a very sensitive bowl which spasms and just grips and doesn’t release which is why I can’t go to the toilet. I am now on flaxseed, magnesium citrate, probiotics, lactulose and bisacodyl. I take all of these religiously and for me they do all work together. I am waiting to hear from the hospital for an appointment. I hope you figure yours out soon.

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