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Don't take pills before bed!

Okay maybe the title is a little exaggerated but please go VERY careful when taking tablets at night!

Tonight I forgot to take my fluoxetine (prozac), I usually take it before bed. I woke at 4 am to go to the bathroom and remembered the pill, so i took it with a sip of water before lying back down. Big mistake! I didn't drink enough, and my throat was already bone dry from being asleep.

Almost straight away I got a feeling in my throat like the pill was stuck. I usually get this and it goes away after a few minutes, so I waited. Soon, my throat started to burn like mad. I figured the pill was stuck so I drank some water and layed down to swallow it (top tip if your meds get stuck!) - something did shift which felt better but the burning only stopped on the left side. The right side of my throat still burns and the feeling can move to my jaw and ear. Ginger and honey tea has helped, as has gaviscon, but only temporarily.

After reading up online, it seems the stuck pill has done some damage to my throat. If anybody else gets this, watch it closely!! As this problem can cause ulcers in your throat, and heaven knows that's the last thing any of us need.

If it continues for more than a few days I'll be going to the docs, but wont stop taking the prozac.

Anybody else had this? Its pretty scary!! My IBS is flared up with stress/anxiety so this has sent my stomach a-rumbling :S

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Wow that is not good at all! I've never had anything like this happen but thanks for sharing. I would never have thought a tablet could cause such pain and damage. Hope your throat is ok and the pain eases, not suprised your IBS has flared up either. Take care x


Know the feeling :( but can/could happen to me anytime of day!!!,,,, soooo my doc told me to 'undo' my fluoxetine capsules, and dilute with tot of water or squash!!!, never had the pain/burning since!!!, well twice, but forgot which tabs!!!

PLEASE see you're doc to confirm :) I take Omoprazole too, which I thought would allieviate pain!! but they didn't work,, tried everything,.


I have times when my tablets get stuck and I have to drink loads and loads to get them to go down. It seems to happen a week or so apart. I did have a similar problem to what you describe with an Amitriptyline tablet. It was absolutely foul. I tried gargling but it didn't seem to help much. I am always careful now that I make sure my throat is moist before I take any tablets.


Yes I have trouble with Senna tablets, they seem to be larger now and if I put them in the tablet,cutter, that is worse as they are jagsged.. so I always have a couple of apricots nearby to take immediately when they get stuck in my,tho throat ......years ago I took a teaspoonful,of peanut butter (just fancied it).. iMthought I was going to die could not swallow it, luckily I was in the kitchen and manage to get some cold water down me, otherwise that would,have,been that..dr sent me for an endoscopy as emergency check up

sO I agree be careful when taking tablets, have plenty of water to hand



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