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First Round for SIBO

Lil update for everyone! After being prescribed Tetracycline (a strong anti-biotic) for a Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) I have just taken my first one. I'll be honest, I'm really anxious about taking them as they're so strong and my stomach has always been sensitive anyway, without the IBS and SIBO. But needs must i suppose. I'm really hoping it'll go some way to helping me back on my feet. Not expecting it to fix everything for me but here's hoping something will come of it.

Has anybody else had experience with SIBO or Tetracycline before?

Also I've seen quite a few people recently posting about anxiety-induced IBS and wondering how to cope with it - please take a look at my previous posts and especially the replies to other posts as I also suffer from severe anxiety so have written about ways of coping, maybe they can help :)

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I take one Tetralysal 300 every single day (equivalent of 408mg Lymecycline - a tetracycline class antibiotic) for rosacea. I have done for 2 years and I have no side effects except for thrush occasionally. Which one have they given you, and what dose?


It just says tetracycline, and its 250mg - 2 tablets 4 times a day!


Give it a go with plenty of water

Thanks for defining acronyms!

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hope this works for you.im trying to get a sibo test  done but my gp never heard of it and cant find it listed by soc gastrolentroligists. can you tell me where you had the the test done and was it on the NHS




Hi yes I got it done on the NHS at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. It's a very new test though so not many will have heard of it - hope this helps.


thanks. see dr. this week. she hadnt heard of it and coouldnt find it on local hospital services.

gff cambridgeshire


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