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New to this site ,but basically I have always had a sensitive stomach,but for the last 18 months I have had such stomach pain that I have had several visits to a&e and almost weekly visits to the doctor. I have now had all the tests and it's been put down to ibs (c) I have tried probiotics, peppermint oil,buscopan, mebeverine, fybergel, movicol and nothing seems to help.

I would really wellcome any advice,it's really helpful to read other comments but I find it really hard to believe that with so many people that have ibs there is so little help available unless you are lucky enough to find a good doctor.


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  • Hi If you've got IBS, C a really good laxative is Normacol,it's real fiber so it's more natural than any of the others you mentioned . All you have to do is regulate it to what suits you,and don't have it just before you go to bed. It's also quite expensive so you may be able to get it on prescription,I did.

  • That's great,thanks I will give that a try(not a bedtime) I like the sound of a more natural laxative,I think it's about finding what works and sticking with it

    Thanks again

  • Just take care how much you take,you just have to work out what's right for you. And if that don't work nothing will.

  • Thanks again for the advice

  • Hi treez.i really feel for you because im in the same position has you.xx

  • Hi treez.i really feal for you because im in the same position has you.sorry i cant help.xx

  • Get some Normacol,it's natural fibre,easy to take,and you can take what suits you.

  • Thanks

    I have just got some linaclotide from the doctor so will give that a try first as I am having a bad flare up at the moment, but I will give that a go when things have settled down again.

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