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I was doing well this week and managed 4 days with no symptoms. Last night I had chilli con carne but I think I put too much chilli powder in it and it was extremely spicy so I didn't eat it all as I thought it would upset my IBS as spicy food has done in the past. Today I've felt quite tired with a few pains and just generally felt quite off :( has anyone else found spicy food can set off their IBS as well?

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  • It's not only the chilli it's the minced meat! It's very oily and fatty so boil it then throw the water away then use the meat for your dish. I do this with most meats that are cut up small. It helps loads!! U will see all the gunk left in the boiled water!

    Try that along with limiting the spices. :-) use ginger and peppermint to help with the stomach pain. In capsules or teas.

  • Thankyou I will definitely try this!

  • The culprit is neither chilli nor meat but the beans which as pulses produce volumes of gas and if not properly prepared a poisonous irritant!

  • Thankyou I'll try it without the beans next time

  • I can't eat garlic or onions at all, I follow the low fodmap diet - there is a really random collection of food that contain high fodmaps and these can exacerbate IBS - not all affect everyone but since doing this exclusion diet I have identified several things that I cannot eat and others that I can in moderation - well worth a look x

  • Thanks I'm going to start on the FODMAP diet next month as I think it will really help :)x

  • I agree do give FODMAPS a try. You can get an app which is continually updated as they test more foods and the beauty of the app is you can have it with you when you eat out and shop etc so you can always check out what to try and what not to. It comes from Monash university which is where the original research was done and it is ongoing.

  • You have to eliminate each and test.... its the only way to know, but any of those can be triggers.

  • Yes. You really need to avoid all spicy food, onions are a favourite culprit. Don't risk stuff to just " see if I can get away with it " keep to what you know you can eat. Mind you this is from someone who at this moment in time finds all food a trigger xx

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