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Help please with my debilitating IBS

I was diagnosed with IBS in 1996 and it's now getting increasingly worse. I am constantly bloated and quite a few of my clothes no longer fit me. I have been suffering with a lot of pain which is even travelling to my back and ribs as well as my stomach. The kind of IBS I suffer with is bloating, a lot of wind, pain and constipation. I have tried most medications for IBS i.e. Colefact, Buscupan, Peppermint etc. Any suggestions welcome please.

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Hi grandmother, only been troubled for 3 years, at the moment protem plus medication helping to ease some pains...non of the usual meds helped, peppermint gave me heart burn. At least the rib pains dont trouble me now. This evening had some mild sugared ginger which started the discomfort again. Hope you get some good advice.

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Thanks Asborne

hi grandmother this is anne i knw wat pain ur goin through iv suffered with i.b.s 4 a number of year,s it,s bin gettin worse everythin i ate my stomach wud swell so i put myself on a glutton and wheat diet i dnt hv dairy product,s either it,s bin hard but so far it,s worked i hv good day,s and i hv bad days i hv mr gud than bad so try and c if u also hv food alergies

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Thanks Anne, I am looking into diet

Hi I have had Ibs since my early twentys but it has got increasingly worse over the years. I have had to cut out lots of different foods as well as smoking and alcohol. I also suffer with back and rib pain I usually take paracetamol and windeeze as its usually related to trapped gas which causes indigestion. I walk around my room for a little while to try to get things moving. Mostly you just have to wait it out

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Thanks Lynne, it took me a while to realise that the pain in my ribs was connected to IBS, it gets you wherever it can! I have taken Windeeze before and find that they are the best ones for IBS but have difficulty in getting hold of them as not many shops stock them where I live, maybe I will order on line.

Just a thought, but have you been checked for gallstones?

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Thanks for this browny, I haven't been checked so will keep this in mind. Thank you

Thanks Kerrym, I have been to the doctor and asked for an appointment with a dietician and hope that this will work. I have read what you had said and agree that it's best to wait to see an expert before eliminating foods - I don't want to end up worse than I already am. Many thanks x

Over the years I have found Kolanticon (available over the counter at a chemist) very helpful as it combines anti-spasmodic,anti-flatulent and antacid and these days they do advertise it for IBS. Hope it helps.

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Thank you very much Gardener, I have never heard Kolanticon, you are never told about these different treatments and some doctors make you feel like you are making the condition up or that it's not that bad! Thank you

Hi Grandmother.

I have suffered from IBS for many years, and have been taking most of the things you have mentioned.: colefac, buscopan, peppermint oil, fybrogel, movicol, bifidius (supplements) diet control. I awoke this morning with the pain under the rib and in my back and this reminds me that I still have to live with this pain... bloating and contipation and diaorheoa. In 1997 I was diagnosed with IBS (Severe) after being checked for gallstones, pancreatitis, crohns disease, diverticulitus. I had to have three endoscopies, six years of consultantions at the hospital, barium eneama and rectal eneama... all of which just mean't that nothing could help me. The most useful thing that I can recommend is joining the IBS NETWORK either via their website of as I did through a self-help support group(this was in 2000). I learnt to understand the condition and to spend time to relax each day, which is difficult for me as I am a full time carer, and was given a really useful Bowel Hypnotherapy tape which I still use today. They have lots of information on the website and resources which may help you.... But the best help I can give is to realize that it is a reaction to your emotional, wellbeing coming out in a physical way. I wish you lots of luck and remember you are not alone! xx

Good luck!

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Hi Angela, thank you so much for your response and I know I'm certainly not alone, oh how much you have suffered makes my own condition pale into insignificance, although I know that is not what you are thinking. I will take on board what you have said and try and relax.

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Hi, Ive had a failed colonoscopy and various tabs. no advice apart from trying to get me on antidepressants. My bowel reacts to a very slight change of extra bland food so that cannot be emotional surely. Rabeprazole tabs helping even though reluctant to keep taking. Started up after I was given strong anti inflammatory meds which I thought was a pain tabs, when I saw what I was taking stopped at once. (metafene tabs if i had read volterol I wouldnt have taken at all) found out dr thought for some odd reason I had hip pain. (requested med records) when it was severe mid back pain not bowel or hips.

Hi,I have suffered with ibs for 20years and tried everything the gp can prescribed ,tried hypnotherapy, symprove ,VSL3(which was costing £50 per month)and every other recommended product and have found the best thing for constipation is magnesium citrate tablets,the best thing for pain co-codamol,I have also tried loads of pro/prebiotics and found the best to be bimuno ibaid pastiles ,hope this helps but different thing seem to help different people,

Thanks asborne and cassie for you helpful replies and it just goes to show the many different symptons that IBS sufferers get. I will report on this website when I commence with the FODMAP diet.

Mebeverine is another tablet worth trying. Having a walk in fresh air if you have the energy.

Im really suffering at the mo as having chemo seems to have set me off again! so annoying.

Have you tried senocalm they do help me with the bloating might be worth a try you can buy them easily from supermarkets, i buy mine 3 packets at a time from Amazon wouldnt be without them now we cant be cured but any small thing that helps ,but different things help different people like i say worth a try ,i tried all the others also only senocalm helps me Take care give them a try what you got to lose ,i was so desperate when i first tried them

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