Anybody else get this?

So my ibs is mostly IBS-D. Tends to be mostly caused by trigger foods and when I’ve been really naughty and had a bad diet - for example now around Christmas eating loads of junk! Does anybody get it where food literally goes straight through you? Apologies if TMI, but passing nearly whole pieces of food when going to the toilet which you only ate earlier that day? Unfortunately I knew when my team lunch (which I had no say in) was a lamb curry being cooked for us accompanied by a Dahl, I knew it’d probably cause trouble. Seems like sometimes onion, veggies with skin and sometimes potato just don’t digest properly? Even had it last week where (I knew immediately I’d made a mistake) I had full blown D, nearly only liquid (sorry) because I had a chickpea, kidney bean and tomato/onion based chilli (not a spicy one) at my work canteen because there was nothing else for lunch!! And literally 4 hours later that’s what I was passing! Is it normal to need to go that quickly after? And pass what is literally mush with food in it? Getting a bit concerned! Thanks!

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  • Please ask your doctor to test you for Dysbiosis.

  • Hi Haych9

    Your symptoms seem quite normal IBS to me . Also worse with the sort of foods you mention.

    I have been told many times , including on this forum, that what you eat takes X amount of time to pass through your system.

    I have always refuted that, as like you I can have to dash to the loo after eating and it can be obvious that what I just ate caused the issue. Like it just went straight through without touching the sides ! Google it --Post Pandrial Diarrhea ,( not sure of correct spelling). I think if your system is upset or just does not like something it can just rush things through and not pleasant .

    Sometimes it can happen straight away , sometimes a few hours later but it seems to me that your system just works too fast and rejects things it does not want.

    If you find out anything more I would be glad to hear about it, as I get this quite often .

    Hope this helps a little, you are not alone


  • Thanks Will, appreciate that. Totally is the case. I think my system is just far more sensitive. It’s almost like I can eat certain things and be fine and then just have one more bad food and my body is almost saying ‘no you pushed me over the line here’ and rejects it. Thanks for the response. Merry christmas!

  • Hi hay, when you say... but passing nearly whole pieces of food when going to the toilet which you only ate earlier that day? ... what did you eat exactly ? What was whole still ?

  • I say whole, but I mean pieces of. When I ate the bean chilli I could see the pieces of Kidney bean and onion in my diarrhea. Also sometimes see chunks of potato, tomato and things. It’s like it passes through my system too quick and doesn’t have time to break down. That’s how it seems but no idea what causes it.

  • I also get this sometimes I can eat the food ok then another time I get a couple of painful spasams then a dash to the loo I can also pass undigested food i.e. carrots etc Tomatoes seem to be a trigger but a awlful lot of foods have them in, onions sweetcorn are a no no.

  • Sounds exactly the same as me. I can be fine for weeks and then have one meal that has too much of it or something and it’s a no no, I’m left with urgency and then loose to liquid stools! Sorry to hear you suffer too. All the best!

  • Hi Haych9,

    I also meant to ask , do you also get loads of gas , I seem to have tremendous flatulance ( sorry) but it seems to go with the urgency and loose stools. Pain seems to be relieved by passing gas and diarrhea.

    Great fun ( not)


  • Absolutely. Sometimes it is literally constant! Sounds exactly the same as me.

  • My daughter and I are both the same, food does go straight through. What gets me is that I find it that I can eat a "trigger" food one time with no effect and another time - splat. By trigger food I mean pizza, curry, chocolate etc. It catches me out, sometimes I just want a forbidden food!

  • Things like onion an beans are normally a no for people with IBS so you may be better to avoid them if you can and see if that helps.

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