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I'm 26 years old and around 9 months ago out of no where I started feeling constipated, constantly bloated, low on energy, wind after every meal & hiccups/burping and just not myself. I eat a very healthy diet and exercise 5 times week and nothing seems to help. I have visited my doctor numerous times had blood tests which have all come back normal and a celiac test which was normal too. So my GP has put it down to IBS. she prescribed me COLPERMIN IBS relief tablets which i take three times a day and doesn't seem to make much difference. I feel totally drained and fed up with it all, its knocking my confidence and I've found myself coming obsessed with finding a cure/something that will help. I don't have any gluten in my diet and changed from milk to soya milk and don't really have much other diary (very occasionally cheese) but it still doesn't seem to make any difference. I took Acidophilus for about 5 months with no improvement, is there a probiotic that could help? Even if I have a salad for dinner I feel like I've eaten two large pizzas. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated, I'm fed up of looking 3 months pregnant when I'm not :( even if i could find a solution to help with bloating it would be a relief.

Thank you in advance :)


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  • Hello, have you heard of Symprove? It's a probiotic which seems to help a lot of people with IBS. It's expensive though. I did the recommended 12 weeks and noticed an improvement in my IBS symptoms so intend to continue taking it.

  • Hi, no I've never heard of it but am open to give anything a go, can you buy it online? Did it help with bloating? Thank you!

  • Hi Sophia Like you I have had similar symptoms for many years but only recently had the GI (private appointment) guy confirm IBS after full body CT scan , endoscopy and gluten/celiac tests. Contarary to many people I manage with a low fibre diet (no sprouts , cabbage , baked beans etc) and lactose free semi-skimmed milk. Also I take Buscopan twice a day. Feeling much better these days. As you know there is no real cure but I hope you find a way forward.

    Good luck


  • Hi Neil thank you for your reply may give the lactose free milk a try instead of soya milk to see if that helps!

    Thank you for your advice 😊

  • Hi there I would recommend garlic and parsley tablets for a month along with a good probiotic, also I have started having a tablet after each meal called hydrochloride acid. Big improvement. Wishing you well.

  • Thank you very much ☺️

  • Sophia

    I have found this book extremely helpful- 'Irritable Bowel Solutions' by Professor John Hunter'. In particular, it helps people identify the type of IBS they have and then makes suggestions specifically linked to this.

    Constipation and bloating have been my main problems and, based on Hunter's suggestions, I now take golden (not brown) linseed with most meals. Has made a big difference. Won't say it will work for you but I strongly recommend the book.

    After many years of discomfort, things are a lot better- don't lose hope!


  • Thanks George, may give the golden linseed a go too! Anything that could help even a little bit makes me feel relieved!

  • Maybe try the low fodmap diet, you already manage without the lactose and gluten but there are a lot of random foods and drinks that are high fodmap - you exclude them then try adding them back in - some people nonsense it but it's definitely helped me - maybe worth a try x good luck x

  • I have had same symptoms as you for many years. Also been to private gastro consultant. I am on low fodmap but that alone does not help constipation. Along with linseed which alone dies not help I take about 600-800mg of magnesium citrate or oxide on an empty stomach before bed. This is the only thing that helps naturally for constipation. I gave tried everything prescription and natural. Try it and I am sure it will help you. Also search on Internet for magnesium and constipation you will so much info. One site is ibs tales, where you will we how magnesium has helped others with constipation. It's an excellent site to see reviews from people trying different things for ibs and what works for them.

  • Hi there I know what you mean, except I look nine months pregnant, after all the tests and drugs I now only take natural remedies, garlic and parsley tablets daily, a good probiotic and go easy on raw Veges. I also take 1 hydrochloric tablets after each meal which helps digest your food, or you can take a digestive tablet after each meal. Perhaps give this a try and see how you go. Cheers

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