Where to start? even describing symptoms isn't easy

Just signed up here after months of being non the wiser about IBS. Always had dodgy guts but nothing really stood out. Just put it down to too much of something. However over the past couple of years its been waking me at night with really loud gurgling followed by pain and needing to go to the toilet. Turning over in my sleep seems to start something going. The wind seems to be getting worse to the point it feels like I'm expelling 90% air when I do go. Doctor hasn't been much help and said its IBS and try the fodmap diet. Its helped in some ways but still seems fairly hit and miss but I've learned that processed sweeteners seem to upset me. Recently the gas/wind has got worse. The only thing I might have increased is soya milk. Apologies if this is well trodden ground but there seems to be so many variations of IBS and treatments the combination is infinite. Some pro bionics work, some make it worse. I also feel queasy sometimes. Like I've got a hangover. I know theres no answer but does anyone have any pointers. Ive tried fodmap and probiotics on and off an not sure they've made that much difference. I had a curry loaded with probably everything the Fodmap says to avoid and it didn't have much affect. On Friday i had a bland salad with salmon and was up at 3am. Charcoal tablets were recommended and made no difference at all. So far, its a completely random attempt at narrowing down my vague symptoms to anecdotal treatments. Not in any way belittling peoples responses but for every "this helped" there seems to be "it made me worse" Any pointers or guides would be great as my symptoms are mainly terrible wind and pains during the night. No so much alternating between constipation and diarrhoea that seems to be the more usual IBS.

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  • I think you need to look at what you're eating, salad always upsets my stomach as does soya milk, even sticking to the fodmap diet there are definitely food items on that diet that still upset my gut, it's quite individual. I can eat curry & rice sometimes with no problem other times it causes upset, it's so unpredictable & an absolute pain. Have you tried keeping a food diary & not eating after say 6pm? I find massaging my stomach helps too with pain & wind, just gentle circular motions. I avoid all dairy, soya & wheat, & only eat limited fruit & veg in very small amounts. Trial & error, good luck.

  • Thanks for the response. Theres clearly something in my diet thats doing it but I'm kind of glad that its not just me that has problems with some fodmap items. Im pretty sure my problem is sugars and sweeteners. Cheap ice cream (vegetable oil and fructose syrup as opposed to fruit and cream) really upsets me so i try to avoid anything processed at all but the salad thing is a worry as the salad is fodmap only salad items so it might be salad leaves, olives, who knows. Ive kept off soya milk for 4 days now and there seems to be an improvement. Just bought some digestive enzyme tablets so ill report back here if they work. Again, heard variations of results from these. Thanks again

  • Hi, Your symptoms sound very similar to mine, not really diarrhoea or constipation just pain, been going on 6 weeks tried buscopan, merbeverine and peppermint oil capsules that do give me diarrhoea and worse pain, it's so worrying isn't it?

    Hope you soon find a solution


  • Its not much fun. Peppermint oil seems to help me a bit, maybe buscopan slightly but that could well be my brain hoping its working. Mebeverine was no good either. Just got some digestive enzyme tablets so we shall see if they work. Good luck with finding a solution, sounds like a trial and error job.

  • One thing to think about. Was the salmon fresh and you cooked it, or did it come out of a tin (potential preservatives, colorants and other additives)? Same with the salad. To work out your food triggers, always try to go for fresh foods that you have prepared yourself as it is clearer what causes what type of reaction.

    This article may give you some other pointers too: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks for the reply. That link is so well written. That is one of the only things I've read that explained it clearly. Theres tons of info on the fodmap diet but its all so badly written it just looks like a jumbled mess (to me anyway). I have a fodmap app (sadly, but its handy to refer to) and the info on there tends to change. One thing that stood out was broccoli. My app says thats low but cauliflower is high. I cut out cauliflower and upped the broccoli a bit so theres clearly a bit of patchy info out there but I will keep that article and refer back. Out of the list I feel its the fructose that really sets me off. I had a tiny blob of honey in my herbal tea the other night and that set me off. As to the salmon, it was plain pan fried salmon, although frozen, it wasn't glazed or preserved with anything so I reckon it was something in the salad. Might even have been the honey if I'm that sensitive to it. Just bought some digestive enzymes so might try them next although ive just started acidophilus Pro biotics so might hold off for a few days. Thanks again

  • Glad you found the article of use. Here is another that may help you find your food triggers: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

    I am fructose intolerant and used to have an issue with honey. I don't have IBS anymore so I am less sensitive than I was, but I find I can now have honey. I don't now buy the regular honey I used to, but organic acacia honey. This could be worth a try.

    I personally also had an issue with some shop-bought frozen foods, although I have never worked out why. You could try the same meal with fresh salad, your own dressing (mix together1 tbsp of oil, 1tbsp vinegar+ 1tbsp water, salt and pepper) and a piece of fresh salmon with fresh lemon - and see what happens.

    Hope things improve for you anyway,


  • Hi gurgleguts,

    Some great advice above. You might want to learn about the mind body connection and IBS. I went to see Micheal Mahoney an IBS hypnotherapist up in Cheshire. He was pretty amazing. I saw him for my Anxiety too and that went well too. Ive checked his website and recently he add the IBS Audio Program 100 introduction as a single track. There is a small cost but you might find its worth it. I remember learning lots from him and his program



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