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where do i start,blinkin heck, I know I have to be careful with what I eat,having said that if there is a day I am craving for chocolate I shall have some and worry about consequences later!,for instance,1 day I had weetabix for breakfast but decided to warm it up in microwave: conclusion is for me personally,If I want weetabix I have to have it cold and I will be fine,warmed up causes cronic diarea which in turn causes discomfort,soreness which my gp has prescribed cream for lately but ,usually I just buy over the counter remedies for that particular problem. I do buy Buscopan regularly for the cramps, which I do not get every day but at least if I feel them starting I know I have them in. My other symptoms I just dont know whether they are linked to my menopause,as i have been diagnosed over a year ago and I used to be on HRT but didnt continue a with that for more than,well, I cant remember when I stopped so I decided to try Menopace which I have regularly 1 a day to find out if it calms down any of my many symptoms I suffer on a day to day basis,I have been on the Menopace for a while now,long enough to find out if they help or not,they do help but of course not the panic attacks/ anxiety which I suffer more when I attempt shopping trips,some days so bad I think I am actually going to pass out,its so frightening and horrible,does anyone else suffer like this,simular symptoms?

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I am on a strict dairy free diet for my IBSD and also steer clear of cabbage and it's relations

If you think that dairy is your problem then you'll have to 'bite the bullet' and stay off it altogether


I have had all of above a month ago watched pro tim knoakes so I did what he said now on high protein and good fats olive oil, He said to give up sugar so read back of packages most products got lots of sugar in,Love bread starting eating sourdough bread sell it in Icelands frozen. my diet not is now chicken, beef, steak, pork. with veg and potatoes, salad, can eat cheese even a bacon, I feel good now but still find foods that upset me had a packet of peanuts pain and gas back so had chicken dinner pain gone. hope this helps good luck.


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