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Hi all.

Im a 22 year old female, i was diagnosed with IBS when I was about 17, I had a stool sample taken, blood work done and ultrasounds so it was then decided it was IBS.

It's gotten worse recently, but I also suffer with anxiety which apparently makes it worse - I know it does sometimes, because when I'm anxious I find myself needing to go to the toilet more and feeling sick and bloated.

Recently (sorry for TMI) I've noticed my stools are regularly a very mushy/soft consistency and are made up of mostly undigested food. Is this common?? I noticed before with foods like corn, but now it's lots more foods and I see some which I ate in the morning that evening or the next morning! My diet hasn't been great since Christmas and after a sports injury in October I haven't been able to exercise much. Does anyone else get worse without exercise? Could poor diet and no exercise be making it worse? I find I suffer more with what I think is trapped gas too... gurgly belly, lack of appetite, some stabby pains, then the next morning I'll find myself passing loads of gas, could this all be related to ibs? Could the undigested food be causing the gas and what not. I know I'm very anxious at the moment - I have health anxiety - so the worry could well be making it worse!

Grateful for any reassurance or responses.


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  • Perhaps you should go to your doctor and ask for hospital tests like a colonoscopy to determine a diagnosis

    Are you in the UK ?

  • Your symptoms sound very much like mine and I suffer with anxiety too :( Exercise is good for the digestive system and helps to stop the gas getting trapped.

  • Hello. Firstly really sorry to hear that your symptoms have gotten worse recently. I always find things are worse for me during and after Christmas as you tend to be eating dofferent foods and more of them. Poor diet will certainly make things worse. I also suffer from bad anxiety and find that makes things worse too. I have found establishing what my trigger foods are (mainly using the FODMAP exclusion approach) and using mindfulness techniques (there are some great relaxation videos for free on YouTube or you could join a local group) have both made a huge difference. Cutting out sugar and diet drinks has helped me too. It's so easy to slip into eating a poor diet when you are feeling rotten, I do this a lot, but I always find it makes me feel worse. Hope that helps and hope you can get some respite from your symptoms soon xx

  • Thank you for your wonderful advice and kind words. I will be looking to improve my diet soon. I just know now that I can't quite digest some foods as I used to! Seems like anything with a skin or shell isn't too good! But hopefully that will improve as my diet and lifestyle gets back on track! Thanks x

  • Hi Haych9 patricia here you have got all the classic symptoms of ibs thats what I get wind gasses & spasms what ever I eat dont yhink you should get a colonoscopy two drastic procedure for just them symtoms but if you were getting blood in yur stools thats different hun just try & keep possitive & take each day as it comes thats all we all can do what life throws at us patricia

  • Thank you for your advice Patricia. All the best to you x

  • Yes mine gets worse if I don't exercise and you need to control your diet to try to keep it in check as best you can.

  • Thanks for your reply! I think routine is a big deal for me, I've noticed it's worse even after a few late nights! Going to have to get myself into a good pattern I think and hopefully things will improve.

  • Yes routine works for me too.. get into the habit of things and it helps big time.

  • I have recently found that fatty foods don't agree with me such as fish in batter and pizza with the cheese. I would try the low fodmap diet if you are unsure as to what to eat, at read up on it and it will give some information on how food is digested and why some are better than others. The gas could be down to lack of exercise especially if your body is used to a certain level of exercise. I take activated charcoal for excessive gas. I also have anxiety and depression, which just reached it's breaking point before Christmas. I am hoping my stomach and bowels calm down when my medication kicks in! Good luck!

  • Thanks for the reply! I hope you feel better! I have found that routine, good diet and exercise help massively... I'm just surprised lack of those can have such a big impact! I can't quite believe the smallest thing can make me suffer so much! Sadly the foods I love too don't even seem to be touched by my digestive system! Best wishes for you getting better soon! X

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