Incomplete bowel movements

Hi again friends,

I have suffered from IBS with both D and C, however when neither of these are the problem and im just going 'Normally' I seem to go small amounts and what could be about 5 times per day. I used to be on fibrogel and movicol and did once use senna (re-emerging some days later) however I found them to be too strong, and as I suffer from diahrroea quite regularly anyway I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to improve this delicate matter!

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  • Have you seen a dietitian about these problems (I've read both your posts) and have you tried a low-FODMAP diet?

  • Hi, I've seen my gp lots of times, and was referred to a gastro consultant and all tests produced the usual 'normal' response. However I've never seen a dietician. Regarding the Fodmap diet, I try to eat what's on there but find several things that upset me from that list and vice versa. The problem is that my stomach is never consistent (except consistently bad), so I could eat the same thing at the same time everyday and have different symptoms.

  • I share your problem, but have no answer yet.

  • I share this problem and Ive been on the lowfodmap diet too it doesnt improve the bowel motions as such but ive found using flaxseeds every day and drinking lots gives me a good bowel result!! worth a try!! :)

  • I have this problem going little and often my GP has given me laxatives tell u later if it works

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