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Probiotics yay or nay?

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I was wondering if anyone had tried taking probiotic tablets, or tried eating prebiotic foods as a remedy for IBS symptoms? it would be helpful to know what types people found to help, of any?

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Hi, i tried probiotic tabs last year. They helped initally with my ibs-c. I thought i had it sorted finally, but unfortunately i started to feel very down and low after a month. I didnt associate it with the tabs, but im an upbeat person so i researched it and found that some people do get this side effect!! I stopped taking them and improved in a couple of days. I was upset because it defo helped my ibs-c. Not everyone has this problem but i thought i'd share my experience. I do hope you have a much better experience, let ke know how you get on :-)

I started taking them 2weeks ago and ,dare I say it, I think they may be helping! I told my GP and she said it is a good idea. Good luck.

nanabud sorry to hear your experience wasn't that great. Callybot hope they continue to help. Hoping to go get some tablets today maybe and start taking them. I'll let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed they'll do some good.

You have to do a bit of research before you buy tablets. You need ones which will survive the journey into the gut, and which contain live, viable organisms. Some over the counter tablets are not much use. You probably know this already!

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and use the kind that need to be refrigerated... better and more potent... lots more helpful! Good luck! I use Nature's Way Primadophilus...

if you have not gluten sensitivity you use probiotic safely ,but which type : I don't know

but choose the higher price one not the cheap.

Some years ago my Gastroenterologist told me to use probiotics and micronutrients (vitamin tabs). I use Yukult every morning and Vit tabs also (vitamins AND minerals actually). I would say they definitely help, otherwise I would have stopped taking them. I do still get the odd flare up and they take a while to start having an effect but nothing works overnight and you need to be consistent, don't forget to take them for a week and expect them to work. Good luck...

I am going to try some from holland and Barrett my friend swears by them she has been on them 4 yrs and they are actually cheaper than my mebervine script so when I have nearly finish colfac I am going to switch to friendly bacteria tabs

Thanks guys. I've been doing a bit of reading on different sorts and what people have found best but I'm not sure which to go for. There is so much choice. Theres some from Boots that had been recommended to me so will maybe try those for a few months and see if they help at all. Glad to hear some positive feedback on them though :)

Hi, Ive been taking them for some years on the advice of a nutritionist

as long bouts of C and D can deplete the body of much needed live bacteria essential to complement existing gut flora. I use Bio Kult which

is purchased from the internet. I also have plain yoghort which also

contains live cultures. Whether or not they are helpful I really dont know, but

I have taken them for so long and do believe that they are useful to

people who suffer IBS from everything I have read and been told.

I take acidophilus 22 billion strength from Holland and Barrett every morning and my bowels have been so much better for it as I have IBS-C but not anymore.

Hi, I've been taking Probio 7 from Holland and Barrett for the last 8 months or so, and have found them to be absolutely brilliant. No more running to the toilet 4/5 times every morning before I go to work, no worrying about whether i'm going to have an embarrassing flare up at work, and I don't have to worry as much about where the toilets are either. I still have to be careful what I eat of course, it's not a cure, just helps a great deal, although I can get away with eating more than I used to before the probiotics. I would definitely give them a go, they have given me my life back from constantly worrying about the toilet. They are £25 for 100 capsules, and at the minute it's buy one pack and get another pack half price, so if you're gonna try them, now's the time. Good luck, i'm sure you won't regret it.

Michelle :)

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will try those,,, thankyou :)

Glad to hear such positive reviews Michelle, we've got a local Holland and Barrett, I'll have a look at the weekend. I've ordered some of the Bio Kult ones as they'd been recommended to be previously and I'd read about them in a magazine too but I'd happily give anything a shot at the mo as my stomach is being terrible!

Thank you everyone for your help so far :)

I tried ProBio 7 from Holland and Barrat and they made my symptoms worse.

Oh that's not good LouisaG, what do you suffer with most with IBS?

I started taking 3 billion acidophilus with extinction a few months ago after 12 weeks of IBSc. I had increased bloating for about a week which although a worry at the time is actually a sign of the gut being recolonised. I stuck with it and symptoms have improved immensely. The good ones aren't cheap but they are worth it. Don't take them with hot fluids and keep them in the fridge after opening. Good luck

I have tried probiotics the best one is Yeo valley as they are in different flavours and taste really nice, not too sweet!

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