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Been following a discussion on the internet where people have said that probiotics made them worse. The symptoms they had varied from brain fog, spaced out, more diarrohea, more gas - etc. etc. - the list goes on.

One reply did interest me when someone said that since taking them she found she was reacting to food she could normally eat (think she also had histamine intolerance). I found this interesting because foods I could eat previously - two examples that spring to mind are yoghurt and eggs. There are others but cannot think of them at the moment but I know that my foods I now can have has got less since probiotics.

Posting this to see if anyone else has similar experiences

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I suspect many people have just gone to a supermarket, bought the first probiotic drink they saw, and have then had an adverse reaction! What a surprise!

There are many different probiotic supplements and many different bacteria. If you are considering taking probiotics you need to do your research. What you are trying to achieve?

I take a probiotic every morning for my gut health as I have IBS.

I researched and tried several different ones over two or three years.

I ignored probiotic drinks from the start as I was unhappy about the sugar content.

I also ignored probiotics that were very cheap, as I wanted a quality product.

Some I tried made no obvious difference, but some gave me more wind and bloating.

When I found the one that suited me best, I stuck with it and have been taking it for several years.

It has reduced the number of flare ups and I generally feel more comfortable in my stomach.

Yes, I am certain that some probiotics can make you ill, but that is probably because you have taken one picked at random without any thought or research!

The link below is useful if you would like more info



No these people were not on about drinks etc but bought expensive probiotics for Sibo or histamine intolerance and had bad reactions. I over the years have tried loads have a cupboard full and not found one ghat actually works. I am an expert on them now so will not be clicking on your link. Not one size fits all. I was merely posting the downside to probiotics which i have experienced personally


Not had any of the experiences you describe, just that one or two gave me a bit of wind.


I have had weight gain, worse bloating my main problem, headache,dry eye ....l.casei, mood swings depression, increase in breast size.... . Bif infantis. List goes on. With and without prebiotics. Bought expensive Custom Probiotics from America to middle range. Never cheap ones. Not found one that really helps bloat. What do you take


Goodness gracious! Never even considered for one moment that probiotics could cause that!!

I take this


Dont think you should risk it though!!!!


Hi, i found probiotics made me worse - more gas and digestive rumbles and spasms. I only tried vsl#3 as had heard that was one of the best with multiple strains and strong too. I later found i have sibo which would explain why it would make me worse. Years and years ago after i returned from Egypt with a bad belly it was probiotics that sorted it out so maybe whether they work depends on what is causing your problems, especially if you have tried different brands. I assume you have taken them for a few weeks so that you have adjusted.


Yes given them like two months but if I have had really bad side effects had to stop so I could function - seen me be at work and felt like I was in a fog till 12 noon as I always took them after my dinner before bed. Look at Soil Based Probiotics for SIBO or take a look at Amy Myers website she has a SIBO program


Thanks for that. Once my sibo has cleared i will take a look.


I take a probiotic in the morning & at night. I feel like they really help, although i do not drink it, i take it in pill form and it is a matter of finding what works for you & having the right strain.

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Well I have tried multiple strains/two to 3 strains/single strains and no luck. The only one I really liked was Biokult but has L.Casei in which I cannot have because of histamine intolerance


Hi. I have IBS C and recently tried a probiotic called Elixa. It is supposedly 50x stronger than any probiotic supplement you can buy elsewhere. The course is only 6 days and is supposed to rebalance the bacteria in your digestive system. Thought it was worth a shot. For the first couple of days it helped a great deal (it made me much more ‘frequent’). Unfortunately after this I seemed to go back to how I was before... but with some added discomfort and bloating it seems. Not sure if it would work for others but unfortunately not for me. I have been drinking kefir for a long time but only recently have I put two and two together and realised that the periods when I’m taking it I tend to be a bit more gassy.

Has anyone got any experience with prebiotics rather than probiotics? Do they have a different effect? I heard they might be the better option for IBS sufferers...


Hi, I tried Bimuno prebiotic about 7 or 8 years ago but it made me go to the loo more than I did already, but I have IBS-D. It might be better for IBS-C.


I tried bimuno powder and found it good but didn’t take long enough. On days when i have been badly bloated i took and it helped. Do not take a chicory based prebiotic. You will be ok for couple days then as it gets into your body i was crippled with pain and wind. May have gone after a while but i was in so much pain i quit. I took the smallest dose Possible but sometimes you just think enough. Yet to find probiotic that reduces bloat. Have look at Optibac they are good. I think that probiotics now create bloat. I also cut gluten wheat sugar. Anyone recommend good probiotic that really kills bloat share, the one you took Elixir got bad reviews on internet. And the cost!,,,


I swear by probiotics!

Not only for ibs but i had terrible candida after a bout of antibiotics.

After the antibiotics i was so ill i could not keep anything in 💩, i was goin about 12 times a day and i lost 2 stone in 3 months.

I was sent to a emergency gastro as i was sooo skinny and as soon as i said i had always had ibs but didnt know why and i was worse after tooth infection she checked my poop and it was over run with candida.

I was told to give up red meat, processed food, sugar and yeast for 6-8 weeks which i did and also take probiotics , pepp cap, dida tablet and digestive enzyme.

Within 2 weeks i could eat and keep a 50% of it in.

Within 4 weeks it was gone and i was good.

I have stayed with the probiotics and the dig enzyme and no yeast or gluten or red meat as i found my ibs had gone to.

2 years down line i would never stop my probiotics....

U must make sure there good ones and u must make aure u take them right ie not with any hot drink or food...

i went away recently for 4 days and forgot my stomach tablets and man did i pay for that little mistake.. my first ibs flare for over 2 years...

Proof they work


Done the candida diet -which digestive enzyme did you take


Cytoplans or natures best.


I was using NB Acidophillis but not sure if that was start of skin breakouts as they occurred at the same time


Sometimes if u change them they can stir up diff bacteria and give u a break out.

I tend to stick to 3 and swap them about ( which ever cheapest at time) bioglans gut flora( that good one as u can take on holiday doesnt have to kept in fridge) , cytoplans and natures best.

There all gluten and dairy free to which i have had some before and it made me ill and on back it said can contain gluten and dairy!

So i wont make that mistake again.

I got to say i went up from 4 billion live culture to 10 this month ( ordered as mistake) and it has made my belly abit dodgy but il persist until it accepts it... mayb there is some dodgy bacteria in there that needs sorting


Let me know now you get on with 10 billion. I like get 4 billion


Well at mo i sound like a trumpet😂

It seems to have given me quite bad wind.

I was warned that it can....

But im about 5 days in now and it defo settling down.

Im sticking with it as we know probiotics are not cheap but if i feel my stomachs not settled back i will go back to 4 bill.

Do u live in uk? If so there is a prog on soon about probiotics and healthy gut bacteria and how it can keep people slimmer.

Also a prog DR MICHAEL MOSELEY, about what happens and proof that what we eat upsets our gut and ibs symtoms.


Is 10. Billion helping bloat any better if you a bloater. Yes in uk. When is programme on and will you update on 10 billion when it is settled. Pleased to hear good and bad experience you had


Yeh course i will keep updated on the probiotics. I have no bloat, havent since gave up gluten and bread.

I think the michael mosley one on wednesday. It has celebs and ex sports stars that are health concious for various reasons ie blood pressure, ibs, fatty liver and makes them

Live on a diet of takeaways for 3 weeks and they see what happens to there bodies and it is quite dramatic what we put in how it has a effect on us.

So b good to see.

The other one is about “ why slim people are slim” it shows 3 people that have a good metabolism and eat what they want and still stay slim WHY?

What they found ( it was in the dailymail) is that although they thought they ate what they wanted they were quite concious of if they ate cake one day b caredul next but also they had absolutely fantastic gut bacteria so there gut was working better the most... breaking down foods and basically getting rid of waste quicker then most.

Il let u know when there on


Oh thanks for that

Do you take morning or night


I have my cereal and tea then just before work i take them with a glass cold water. Then it gets into gut.

U could take before bed as long as u have nothing hot just before or after.

I just always remember in morning i would forget if waited


I take after dinner 7 pm. I may have first thing on a morning before i eat as usually do bit exercise before i eat


Yeh i get up eat drink then do yoga for 15 min then get ready for work then take as im goin out door then i know i defo wont eat or drink anything hot for at least hour.

If i take in evening i forget and then may have a cuppa tea then im always told never to drink or eat anything hot for half hour after and im partial to a cuppa


Normally weight an hour


Yeh defo.

I forgot my probiotics when went on holiday. It was awful... within about 3 days me ibs kicked in and i ended up having to go and hunt some down. They werent as good but at least it was something.

So i know they work for me...

It just always a case of getting good ones.


So many to choose. I opened new bottle of NB tonight having to take re bloat and they seem larger capsule


I also get such bad bloat.

I used to look pregnant!


do these probiotics help you -it's awful. I am going to try bacillus coagulans as it gets good reviews for bloating. On a really bad day I take nux vom homeopathic remedy


Yeh defo i not been bloated for over year. I do put it down to no bread and gluten aswell though.

I used to get so bloated and ill after bread.

Do u eat alot of yeasty stuff or breads?

It mayb what ur eating not so much the probiotics.

I also found that peppermint oil capsules helped with the bloat


no only thing I eat is couple Ryvita - no bred etc. as my partner is celiac so no gluten products in house and I do not touch gluten free foods because of all the rubbish in them - have gluten free oats but they are same as ordinary oats only difference being they can guarantee they not been prepared in a factory that has gluten - eat pretty clean. I not had any bread -either GF or ordinary breadfor about 10 years


Biokult i loved but l.casei is nono for me but can recommend. Aliment nutrition also do similar to Natures Best two strains and again is the one i favour but has prebiotic in which i avoid. If you do take probiotics with added prebiotic in highly recommend. When do you take. Morning or night. Did you get any skin problem with Natures Best


I was warned by the gastro dependent on how bad ur bacteria is, will have a effect on the probiotics.

Ie mine was bad because of the candida so she warned me the bad bacteria will fight and try to kill the good so u can get sicker but u have to see it through ... 2 weeks mine was...

Then the good won basically.

U will also get brain fog, headaches and mayb poops( mine couldnt get worse) but u have to see it through.

If ur suffering then it means u need them as ur gut bacteria is obv fighting something.

It all dependent on ur diet, if u take alot of tablets or antibiotics.

Drink alcohol.

Eat alot of yeast things ie breads.


Also alot of sugar and processed food ... it all feeds bad bacteria to make it stronger .

If u are a white meat eating , no alcohol drinking, spinach eating, no sugar, gluten free person u prob wont have any reaction to a probiotic as ur gut bacteria is prob pretty healthy already so ur have no bad bacteria to fight.

I went through headaches,brain fog no energy , stomach pain. Then all of a sudden it just got better and better.

I now feel amazing. Glad i went through all what i did to realise i was basically poisoning my own body.

I used to have bad psssoarsis to and thats gone ... it a win win for me


I have taken various probiotics over the last few years so feel my bacteria should be good - I don't drink, eat bread and avoid gluten as much as possible tiny bit milk in first coffee of the day no cheese eggs milk yoghurt, avoid sugar as much as possible - I have had die off from some probiotics and others nothing - I have avoided this week and felt so much better in myself but my bloating is bad - may look at a soil based probiotic or try homeopathic remedies


What probiotics do u use?

I know some can contain dairy and gluten so make sure u buy a gluten / dairy free one.

I have tried alot.

The worse was a very expensive one ( prob cant mention name) oh it made me sooo ill, after two weeks i had to give up on it.

Then i started cytoplans probiotic or bioglans gut flora and i got better ... so i think some do agree with u and some dont.

It all very hit and miss


It is really sad that we cannot all find one or perhaps two probiotics that work for most of us. It can get very expensive going on Amazon trying what many have said is great only to find that It made things worse! The idea that 50 or 100 billion is better than several strains does not work either because they may have one filler or be formulated in a certain way as to cause more issues


Yes i found sticking to the normal basic lbifidus ones are best, i tried one with s, boulardi in it and as soon as i started it gave me upset belly.

I suppose if ur gut doesn’t need it or it doesnt like it ur goin to suffer.

As with anything with us people with ibs if ur gut dont like it its goin to get rid if it somehow.

I generally stick to a 4 to 10 bill no more as it could just b to strong.

It what my gastro suggested.

Also make sure u always buy a reputable one that is well known... never just buy something cheap of amazon or internet as u never know what ur taking.

Also make sure it never has gluten or dairy in it some do!


That's what I do free from nasties - no maltodextrin etc and try to stick to no more than 10 billion - if I have had one like Bioglan which is good I half it and have to chuck the other half away - I have two cupboards of probiotics I cannot take - Bif Infantis gave me the worst depression and mood swing possible so avoid. Biokullt I love but cannot take as has L.Casei in - I also found some probiotics made me blow up all over like I had gained a dress size. And sometimes the reviews - are they true. the one I like Aliment Probiotic has prebiotic in - I wrote to company and asked would they make it without but said no


It weird isnt it how our body reacts?

I used to b two sizes bigger and i was always bloated but now i have stopped the gluten and bread and all the probiotics it has stopped, thankgod.

It a hard one why ur could b happening ? I always think bloating is related to something but we have to work it out what it is which is frustrating


But you still taking probiotics. You think they helped with weight loss or do you think they made you gain weight


Oh no i was 10 stone now im 8!

So it defo helped with my weight.

Apart from bread and gluten i dont stop eating either


Great. I just have to look at food and gain


I found good probiotic but has potato starch in so not sure. Never realised it was a prebiotic. Love to hear of anyone having this in probiotic and how they got on. Maybe do separate post


Well the good news is my stomach has settleds into the 10 billion probiotics so il prob stay with them now.

It taken about 8 days to stop the upset belly but now it all good again.


Wow that is brilliant - I may go up next time and see how I get on.. I have been taking one pill on a night but yesterday I took at lunch time a single dose bacillus coagulans - have to say was surprised how it unbloated me and also lifted my mood and muggy head - whether it will continue not sure or whether just an initial hit but will keep you updated


Yeh see that why i was told to take it first thing in morning.. coz i got ibs it kind of settle my stomach for the day so i can go to work and eat and drink if i didnt take in morning i may have trouble at work and i cant b doin with that.

I find if i do have a flare then i take a probiotic and within 1/2 hour it goes.


I usually take evenings. The bacillus coagulan took lunch time. Certainly helped with bloat. May try mornings. When i worked found i went to loo before left home and was fine rest of day.....mostly. Not sure about you but i hated having to use public or work loos for bowel movements. At moment i cannot go go loos outside even for a wee as i struggle at moment with limited use of right hand difficult pulling clothes up and down.


Oh i hate it, im not good with goin to toilet anywhere but my own toilet and even then i hate it if my other half around coz i hate he can hear it 😂😂.

I know its mad.

Everyone poops even the queen but i dont like doin it i cant relax aless im on own.

Yeh i got between c and d so it a case

Of always trying to keep it all under control


Hear exactly every word you say. Natural body function but for me private. Some things best kept that way unless on here where we all share same problems so we understand. Some people don’t and think it is made up or in our heads! There lies a total other discussion but i say spend one day in our life then tell us we are imaging it


what benefits have you got from going up to 10 billion


Well i been pooping better generally i go between c and d and i been just normal. Once a day.

I also got away with eating abit of hot cross bun which is generally a no no as gluten and yeast i cant stomach.

I have more energy and brain fog is less and i dont feel so moody.

Plus my period was better this month that usually comes with alot of belly issues but sailed through first two days!


Thanks for that - I may go up next time I order


Yeh usually alot of bloating and feeling of being full up with food even when have not eaten when on period and i had none of that this month, it only thing thats changed, so dont know what else it could b that may have changed that if not the probiotics.


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