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Apparently take a month to start really working but my nightmare has finally ended. I am taking Biofermin with every meal and having the best poops in years. I know the science is out on probiotics but I wanted to post this in case anyone hasn't tried it yet. Do it !

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Hi where do you get these from?


Over the counter here in Tokyo- not sure where you live but drugstores?

Hi, I'm taking Symprove probiotic on my 7 week of 12 weeks. A friend of mine told me to try it but can take up to 12weeks to see a difference. It works for her. So fingers crossed x

IBSfromhell in reply to gina1985

Good luck! Hope it works


Symproved worked for me after about 10 weeks and I had had 40+ years of constant diarrhoea

I think it is very important to share things that work for us as the information on the internet is spotty at best.

Am also suffering constipation for now amonth do u think i will be helped ..?

I've always had probiotics in the house in case of taking antibiotics, but on a whim thought I'd see if taking them would help my last bout of IBS.... amazingly helpful...and helping my son's problem too.

Pina1967 in reply to pattypooh

Hi thanks for your information .very useful. I'm not sure where I can get these probiotics. Can you pls tell me would be grateful


Hi must try them ones-thanks

Hi. I take Bio Kult Advanced multi strain formula (orange flower on box). 4 tablets a day (twice around lunch and twice areound dinner time). This is 8 billion bacteria a day! 90% of my symptoms GONE.

Hope this helps someone else.

Am so stressed of not healing from constipation its now am month .. do those probiotics really help .. but the bad things is am in Africa will be able to get them ...please beed some Help

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