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Esa/pip help

Hi guy's im a new member basically i don't know where to start really, okay here goes. I applied for pip and esa both two years ago. Pip assessed me only last year turned me down as i only scored 7 points. Went to tribunal, it got adjourned they paid for my medical records. My next tribunal date is on 6th july nervous as hell as unsure of the outcome not sure how to prepare for it. And also got assessed esa finally on the 2nd of june. Just wondering how long does it take what to expect i mean two years ivr been waiting and ive had enough. I have boderline personality disorder and generalised anxiety disorder, ibs, pcos, three lower bulging disks, nerve pain, musckoskeletal pain, muscle spasms, chronic utis and chest infections got one now :/ focal nodular hyperplasia which is three non cancerous tumors in my liver. But yeah my anxiety is telling me I've failed even though I've trird to explain myself and noth assessments i wasnt told to do all them movements like bending over snd stuff. Tbh cried on both times and showed the esa guy a page showing proof of new conditions since claim (bpd) buut yeah any help :D

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Welcome! Sorry - Im not able to give any input. Im in the UK and I'm not familiar with the terminology "pip" & "esa"

Hope you have some input from someone with knowledge from your neck of the woods.



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