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Hi, I'm 16 and have dealt with IBS-D for three years.

I have never had an accident but fear I would to the point of a year ago or maybe a little more I wouldn't leave my house unless it was for school (would throw tantrums to avoid going anywhere) I know embarrassing but it was the only way for me to stay at home.

It's 1:20am (which is why this may seem a bit jumbled up 😂) and I'm wide awake at the worry of this lunch I agreed to go to Tomoz (I said yes without thinking which is good but also disastrous for my anxiety) I could call it off as there is a few of us going but I still really want to make some more friends (only really have one).

Going out even to school (only a few minuets away from my house) is really difficult I hate to say it but I have adjusted to constantly being in ready to cry and curl up mode. I'm scared of being caught short (if u get me and I'm worried about random bad things happening (family being hurt and I'm not there) I just need an opinion my councillor said that she thinks I suffer from an anxiety disorder but I'm not convinced as I'm am very loud with my close friend.

My parents have given up trying to make me go out and will pretty much always say yes to anything I wanna do or go that's outside, sometimes I feel like people think I'm lazy and it makes me feel horrid on a daily basis but I over think too much and then the day is gone.

My day consists of my awareness for IBS and only that.

I'm just sick and tired of it and I just want to make friends but it's hard I don't do well with new people either.

I've had panic attacks, close calls with my IBS, anxiety related crying (uncontrollably) and more stress related stuff like stomach pains, lightheadedness, headache and stuff like that

Sorry it was a long post thank you for taking the time to read it. I'm gonna try and go bed now lol

K x

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O dear I know it's extremely difficult. I've suffered for over 30 years. I feel your pain honestly. I have dealt with it many ways and there's things you can do to ease the pain, your mind and anxieties. The way I cope is exercise, long brisk walks, try relaxation/meditation, small dose of an antidepressant, buscopan, loperamide, try a gluten/wheat free diet, cut out milk, listening to music. These are just a few. I suffer bad with anxiety and stress which is constant in my life. I have found i just have to ride it and then feel slightly better for a few days. You are going and should be enjoying your life. Don't let this thing get you down. Try to ignore it even when your mind and body are in turmoil. Enjoy your family and friends. Feel life and be free. Hope this helps and you managed to go out with your friends? L


Thank you xx


If you are strict with your diet then in time you should be able to relax more, i undertsand what triggers my flare ups and i just avoid those foods - one thing i have started to introduce into my day is meditation! Download a free app and use this to help and relax - stress is a terrible thing and at nearly 48 i have only really excepted that this is a real route cause for my IBS.

Dont isolate your parents - they suffer everyday with you, confide in them and share your thoughts and fears, i hope you get to balance your IBS; im sure you will in time!!

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Sadly my IBS is stress related not food related xx


Hello I'm so sorry you are suffering like this my heart goes out to you as I know all too well what it is like First thing to remember is that loads and loads of people feel like you do so you are not alone

I know what you mean about thinking of it constantly I'm so much better now I find the more I go out the better I feel I have never had an accident either and the more I go out and all ok the more it reinforces that I'm not going to have one

There are videos on YouTube for IBS and loads for relaxation as that is the key to getting well I also do tensing and letting go you can do it anywhere If you tense everything and hold it for a few seconds then breathe out and really let go it is so lovely Keep doing it and honestly it does work

At the moment I'm in a wheelchair as I am waiting for a hip replacement and its really scary knowing I can't just rush to a loo when we are out so when I feel the panic I do the tensing and letting go Now I know it works I feel safe

Do you take Imodium ? I take the supermarket own brand ones they are much cheaper they make me feel safer

Walking is a great exercise it will relax you and you can always turn round and get back home if you feel anxious

Dr Claire Weekes books are lovely for anxiety

I really wish you all the very best as I know what you are going through xxx


I too very rarely go out due to my huge fear of my ibs symptoms (mainly bloating, discomfort and cramping). I can relate to your post so much, it is so hard for parents/friends etc to really understand the condition and how it gets you down. My ibs to purely stress/anxiety related I believe as tests have ruled out anything physical, ie Celiac, Crohns, allergies to gluten and lactose etc. As a long time sufferer of OCD also, trying to control my stress and anxiety is nearly impossible. I have tried most medications for ibs in the past without little or no real improvement, however I've heard very positive things about a product named Silicol Gel which I shall be trying out! The fact that you can still attend school is a huge positive thing for you which maybe you can build upon in terms of socialising going out, I no longer work nor socialise unfortunately because of the IBS, stress and anxiety.

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I relate so much, hope u are able to find something that calms your anxiety. Thank you.x

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K x,

I'm 64 and we have the same issues. For me, it's also pain and just trying to get ready to go out in between bathroom trips, is like a marathon. Exhausted 😩I get very bad anxiety before Dr. appointments. It's getting worse. I'm alone, so it's kinda scary. You're not alone. I'm here if you need to talk.

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Thank you I understand the anxiety about doctors xx

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Hiya, you remind me of a mini me! I'm 20 and my symptoms started when I was 13 but got worse when I was around 16. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and I promise that it won't be like this forever. IBS on top is hell and my heart goes out to you, please I beg you to seek help. Talk to your doctor. Don't do what I did and wait 2 years as I am completley agoraphobic now and I can only go out if I am confident my ibs is 'okay' that day, and in my 'safe zones' which is just the high street (I live right in the middle of my town so I have a high street on my doorstep) I can only go up and down the high street to shops and that's it. I regret not seeking help sooner, now I'm on the mend but I still have a long long way to go. Have you ever thought about taking imodium? it can help regulate your bowel movements and give you peace of mind when going out, also as embarrassing as it is I find wearing a pad or a nighttime sanitary towel as they're quite long, helps give me peace of mind when going out. It doesn't cure the anxiety but just calms the "what ifs" that cloud your mind/worries about having an accident in public. As the likelihood is it would never happen, but when you're panicking you think of every worse scenario. I'm always here if you need to talk, take care of yourself and remember you're not alone! x

* I realised just as I replied that you posted this 5 months ago lol, I hope that since then things have improved for you! *


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