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Help !

Hi guys.

A few months ago, my doctor put me on Pantoprozel (?) to help with stomach pain. I was having sudden urges to go to the bathroom and the abdominal pain was crazy. It would only happen at night, and a couple of times throughout. It went away after taking the pantoprozel. It went on for about 9 days.

Fast forward about two months, the pain is happening again. I've had some filmy substance on my stools as well. It's only happening at night again, and it happened twice during the day. I'm on day 4 now.

Does this sound like IBS or something else?

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Hmmm, I'm not sure. Do you mean stomach pain, or gut pain? Roberta


It's an out of nowhere abdominal pain


It's a possibility as you can get a film like substance on our poo, I've had this many times before and I was diagnosed with IBS back in 1996/7. I also get pain in my tummy but sometimes other areas too like my back, under my ribs etc.

The only way to find out is go to the doctor and inform them of your symptoms and say you think it might be IBS so can you get tested. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.

Hope you feel better soon.

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The filmy stuff on the bm is probably mucus. The intestine is coated in mucus to help protect the lining and ease passage of stool. Yes lots of people with IBS have this. You will notice it if you are going to the toilet a lot.

If your symptoms are generally always at night I would take a look at what you are eating or drinking prior. Trigger food or drink can set it off. Anything from sugar in a tea, or milk, or the tea itself or sweets etc or any food/drink could trigger. We are all different so what triggers on person may have no effect on the next.



I would tend to endorse comments from Hobbits . I can confirm sometimes after my main evening meal , I can have sudden tummy pain and urgent need to get to the loo, Can often result in a total "clear out". I often think this happens if I eat something sweet like a piece of cake or such like. I think it is a food trigger and the bad outcome can result in " D" either almost immediately , later in evening, during the night or first thing next morning.

Triggers is a funny description though, because I find sometimes a particular food --say a jam doughnut is fine, then another time I am convinced the same food sets things off. Difficult to deal with.

Might still be best to check it out with your GP.



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