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Bottom line!!!!

So it seems (please excuse my non expertise!! education,, just my thoughts),,,, every single person is different (well yeah), but there are some excellent advice and help on here,. I am 55yrs with probs for 6/7 yrs, since 'Hysterectomy' ?????? Nicest place I had IBS D, probs, was in a villa in Portugal, marble bathroom,,,,, lovely :(

I have had lots of tests to rule out other things and now doc has prescribed on repeat Mebeverine, and sometimes they work!! have tried Loperamide, Culpermin, etc!!

Was going to see doc again, to ask/demand :) to see Dietician for Fodmap!!

After a year or so of a few days clear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, every month, but the last episode lasted a month :), I have been O.K. for 10 days!!!, the longest time for ever!!! I was on soya milk but seem o.k. with cow semi skim??????????, never say never, eeeeeeeekkkk,.

Keep posting , as it helps me and THANKYOU n ya got my sympathies :(

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You can do Fodmap for yourself if you want too. Get the app from Monash University who are the team who researched and are continuing to research foods within the diet. It's great and a whole lot better than trying to find medication which works as it appears they all work for a period of time and then stop. Give Fodmsps a try, like me you may never look back!!!


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