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Colon Cancer?

I started getting random stomach pain on my right side a little below my belly button last night after dinner. I'm 19 and pretty healthy. The pain didn't last long and is random. This morning I woke up and got my period. When I had my BM in the afternoon, I was shocked to see a little tiny tiny (only visible if you look really closely) streak of red on the surface of the tip of the stool. Everything else was pretty much chocolate brown. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I can't get it off my mind. Any idea what this is?

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Hi there are lots of reasons why you may have a little blood in your stool

1. It could be from your menstrual cycle.

2. You could have piles that have bled a little.

3. You may have a small tear in your back passage, called an anal fissure.

4. Eating beetroot or other red coloured food.

My guess (and it is only a guess) is that it's from your menstrual cycle, unless of course you were wearing a tampon.

Was the pain that you had in your stomach last night something you don't normally get before your period?

Now you're talking to a seasoned hypochondriac here and I've had similar on rare occasions over the years and I'm still here to tell the tale.

If I were you I would look out for it happening again and if it does go and talk to your GP.

Hope this helps. Fire away any more questions if I can help with them.


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Hi Jean I get really bad stomachaches when I get my period I guess I just don't mind them before. Also it's kind of coincidencial that I saw the blood streak on the surface of my stool the same day I got my period. Maybe that's it?

I get super worried over things and always think something really bad is going on inside of me. :( Glad I can hear from one just like me. You ever had this?


Yes, I've had it too, you're not alone in thinking what you could have.

It's just that after years of worrying I now realise what a waste of time all that worry was. X


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